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Nigeria should remain one nation

Why Nigeria Should Not Be Divided: Top 3 Reasons Why Nigeria Should Remain One Nation

Why Nigeria Should Not Be Divided: Top 3 Reasons Why Nigeria Should Remain One Nation

Nigeria is currently in a state of crisis. There are very strong feelings on both sides of the debate, with some people saying that Nigeria should be divided into two or more countries while others say it should stay together. While their points are all valid, there are three reasons why Nigeria should remain one nation.

The first reason has to do with culture and heritage. Nigeria is home to many different ethnic groups who have so much history in common despite having big differences in ethnicity and language. If you divide them up into separate countries, they will lose out on being able to share their culture with each other because they would no longer be living next door to each other anymore.


Section 1: Current state of Nigeria

The current state of Nigeria


No doubt, Nigeria has been going through some problems, and unfortunately, they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. Nigeria currently has one of the largest economies in Africa and is the sixth largest economy on the planet. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that Nigeria has the biggest oil reserves in Africa, and it exports over 650,000 barrels of oil every single day.


However, Nigeria has been facing some major problems, such as an ineffective government, crime, corruption, poverty and of course, the Boko Haram insurgency. Just within the last few weeks, Boko Haram has attacked three Nigerian villages and killed over 200 people, leaving over 300 others wounded.


Culture and Heritage is important

The second reason why Nigeria should remain one nation has to do with unity. In most cases, national identity has been something that was imposed on Nigeria by colonizers and other foreign powers, but Nigeria has a distinct identity that has developed over many centuries. If you make Nigeria into two or more different countries, you would have a stronger chance of encouraging people to forget their own identity and start identifying with the part of the country where they are living. This could lead to a weaker sense of nationhood.


The third reason is that the strength of the country lies in the shared history and common identity of the country. There are strong feelings of being proud of their country and wanting to protect that identity.


There are three reasons why Nigeria should remain one nation

1. Nigerian traditions, cultural norms and values are not just Nigerian traditions and cultural norms. Nigeria has become part of the global community and they want to share their traditions with the rest of the world. When you go to Nigeria, you will see that when you go to a Muslim country, it’s not a problem because their traditions are already similar to those of the rest of the world. In the US, a Muslim community group had people from all the different Islamic groups in America perform the hajj together. In Nigeria, when you go to a Christian country, you see that the Christian church is very much the same all over the world, and so is the Jewish one.


Culture and Heritage

Secondly, if you divide Nigeria into two or more countries, each of them would have to have a state in order to govern itself. In Nigeria, the states are like mini countries in their own right, where the citizens have their own rights and the central government cannot just do anything they want to do to them. Imagine if you were living in Texas, but Texas had to have its own state! Each of these mini countries would not have the same rights and protections as the one we have now and that would just cause a lot of problems.


Politics is for the government to decide and create their own state, not for the people of Texas to decide.


The Economy

Aside from the cultural and heritage aspect, there is another important reason why Nigeria should remain united. The divide-and-conquer style of politics that goes on in modern day Nigeria would become more pronounced if there were two different countries. So why are we worried about dividing Nigeria into two or more countries? Well, it is because it will affect the economy.


As previously discussed, one of the biggest problems in Nigeria right now is a lack of infrastructure, lack of unity, lack of respect for the constitution, and a very fragmented society. Let's look at these factors one by one:




In modern day Nigeria, we have a shoddy infrastructure. This is mostly because of decades of corruption and a lack of investment in this area.


National Unity

The second reason why Nigeria should remain one nation is that it is a cultural and heritage issue. All of the different peoples of Nigeria, even if they have a few serious issues with each other, can still come together for a common cause. The different groups have so much in common with each other and they share a rich culture that cannot easily be taken away by moving someone to another country and establishing another culture for them.


We have seen many nations split apart and we have only ended up with new conflicts. There is much that we can learn from our history of being one nation. In unity, we find peace.


Healthy Local Economies


The second reason is the fact that we should keep our local economies healthy. Our economy is basically a conglomerate of different local economies.



There are many good reasons why Nigeria should stay together, not just to preserve her culture, but also for national security reasons. If she is divided, it will be a prime target for terrorists to use as a springboard to spread their hate and propaganda, and could also allow for the ease of smuggling weapons and narcotics into the country.


The only way to ensure that Nigeria stays together and is able to stand against the bad actors that she is currently facing is if we stay together and fight for the good of our country.


What are your thoughts? Please share this with your friends and family so that they can see the big picture and start to understand why the debate over the division of Nigeria should be ended.



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