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Smart Business Solutions

Find out about the bad apples in your company before they do any more damage. Find out who has accessed sensitive data, attempted to delete data, or created malicious macro scripts.

Protect your business with AI powered security to spot issues before they run rampant through your whole organisation. Get proactive notification on suspicious activity and take quick action against potential risks lurking within your network using our intuitive solutions that are changing the game for businesses of all sizes. See some of our solutions below:

Staff Monitoring

Our AI-powered CCTV software lets you keep an eye on your staff from wherever you are. You don't even have to worry about installing cameras, our software links into the network at your office and can monitor up to 1200 cctv cameras at a time. Our systems are so intelligent they are able to detect everything from emotions - such as boredom or anger - to specific individuals walking past a camera. It also features a facial recognition which allows employees' faces to be matched against a database of known persons who may not be authorized visitors, keeping everyone safe including those hardworking people in the security department.

Vehicle and Fleet tracking

Jump offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for tracking large commercial vehicles and fleets. Every aspect of commercial vehicle tracking is taken care of by the Jump system: odometer readings, speed measurements, trip recorder, fuel enrichment calculation, driver productivity monitoring, hours of service reading, toll charges driven at each location driven events such as time zone switchovers or traffic accidents.

Recorded information can be shared with supervisors via web browser anywhere in the world through remote device management. An internet-based dispatch and routing system that maintains a real-time connection to your field vehicles using satellite, cellular or virtually even voice and data networks. What this means for you is that we provide the flexibility of on-line tracking and control with turn by turn navigation, wherever your driver happens to be.

Retail AI monitoring

Jump’s AI retail solutions monitor store inventories, customer purchasing behaviours, shop lifters and best practices to improve your in-store shopping experience.

Jump Africa's always-on AI system monitors your stores 24 hours a day and alerts you the minute anything happens with their proprietary computer vision technology to stop crimes before they ever eventuate. We can help reduce theft and pilferage of goods as well as evaluate any risks in your protocols that encourage or allow bad behaviour.

Smart Farming

Jump provides an open source platform that enables farmers to be more productive while making the connection between modern-day farming practices and sustainable development goals. The Jump team utilizes artificial intelligence, remote sensing data, analytics algorithms, image processing technologies to help monitor crops at scale without requiring reliance on highly skilled labour or expensive inputs.

With the knowledge of market demand for their goods growing in Africa each year, it’s necessary for small holders to find ways to increase crop productivity which will help them take full control over their future by maximizing their economic potential through better decision-making driven by data insights.

Jump’s systems track weather patterns to figure out the best time for crops to be planted, checks soil quality for nutrient deficiency or mineral excess, uses earthworms to improve underground drainage and overall crop fertility …improved agriculture systems are changing lives in Africa with better food security and social stability.

Self-driving Farming Vehicles & Equipment

Jump is tackling one of the most prominent issues in African agriculture - access to mechanized farming equipment, by developing a fleet of autonomous vehicles made for safe travel across Africa.

Our company specializes in installing and maintaining self-driving farming equipment with the goal of removing excess need for human labour on sites where it's impractical or unsafe to be among workers. These autonomous, high power units are able to work in all conditions and climates, while controlling weeds, monitoring soil health, collecting samples for testing in labs remotely--all without ever needing someone close by when they're working.