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Relish No Landline Broadband Be The Boss

Be the Boss of your broadband

So you want high-speed broadband in Africa? You just found it. With Jump.Africa, reliable internet has never been so accessible and affordable!

Jump brings rural and urban communities broadband speed and services to meet individual and communal needs for today's Africa: Digital economy, telework, e-learning, healthcare delivery, and disaster relief.

Jump is the premier provider of high-speed internet service in Africa. We provide cutting-edge, reliable broadband wireless equipment and services to deliver a customized experience for every business requirement - from basic data transmission for internet browsing, messaging and VoIP calls to more complex tasks such as videoconferencing or multi-user video conferencing.

Relish No Landline Broadband Be The Boss

Order, sign in and you're off

Broadcast wifi broadband
We broadcast wifi over large geographic distances, meaning that you do not need any new devices or hubs to access the internet.

Get online next working day
If you order before 4pm Monday to Friday, we can deliver next working day.

Unlimited data
We won’t slow you down if your business is online all the time.*
14-day money back guarantee
You’ve got two weeks to give it a try. And if you don’t love it, we give you your money back.

Static IP address available
In case you need it for your email server, website or other applications.

*There's always an asterisk. Don't worry, we really do mean unlimited, unless you're planning to broadcast an entire TV station with Jump. Our legal people wanted us to point that out.

We make your business our business

Jump.AFRICA Business Broadband is perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

When you set up a company and need to be online next day without lenghty contract
Small businesses
Best for up to 25 people.
More employees? See our dedicated business internet.
Businesses that need backup
For added peace of mind if your main line goes down.
Short-term offices, pop-up shops and temporary sites
Take your broadband with you. Simply unplug, move and plug it in again.

Business Internet without the wait

Jump Africa gives you 5G wireless business broadband. That's fast and affordable for your office, with a connection that just goes up without any holes in it!

It's time to get your 5G network up and running! We've shown that we can provide an African business with more capacity than other networks. And because you have suffered long delays in Mbps, MBps or delayed connections for too much of the day - it will be great news when these issues are fixed by signing up with our wireless broadband service which provide total coverage 24/7 without any downtime at all

Wireless Broadband for Business

Create an account to get started

We built a dedicated network with more capacity than other 5G networks, especially for African businesses. We want to give you the speed and connectivity that will finally make your day-to-day operations easier!

If your office demands more, check out our dedicated services.