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Dogs in nigeria

Nigerian Dog Lovers: Top 5 Breeds You Should Consider Owning

Nigerian Dog Lovers: Top 5 Breeds You Should Consider Owning

Nigerian Dog lovers, you are not alone! Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences that anyone can have. If you're considering to get yourself or someone else a best friend, here's a good place to start: Top 5 Breeds You Should Consider Owning. Dogs come in many shapes and sizes and it's important to find one that suits your lifestyle as well as personality. With so much variety out there, where do you even begin the search? This article will give you an idea of what breeds suit Nigerians best according to their personalities. Read on for more!

Whoa! That was such an engaging intro paragraph!


Basic facts about dogs

A dog is a canine domestic animal. Most commonly bred for hunting or herding, dogs have evolved from hunting wolves to living companion dogs. They have been domesticated over 10,000 years and are the second most popular companion animal.


Dogs can be classified in two main categories – working and companion. The latter includes dogs for those who do not work but would like a dog to accompany them.


An Akita


The Akita is a working breed developed for the purpose of hunting – both small game (i.e. rabbits, hares and rodents) and larger game (i.e. deer and boar). It is an elegant dog with a wide back, huge feet, and sturdy legs. The well-muscled, sleek coat is thick, glossy and slightly woolly, and can be either grey or brindle.


Top 5 breeds for Nigerians

Here is the list:


1. Poodle (pictured above)


This cutie just stole your heart. This is an ideal dog for the up and coming people who want a new best friend. With so many adorable and fetching qualities, there's no reason not to own one. These intelligent and outgoing dogs are good at chasing, pulling, fetching and running on the floor. The inquisitive little poodle will never run out of curiosity. The breed also has a fast learning curve and is adaptable in most circumstances. Some look older but are actually young adults. You can tell the difference between a puppy and an adult poodle by their temperament. Young poodles are cuddly and playful and older poodles are more energetic, inquisitive and stubborn.




The Labrador retriever

They are trusted dog breeders, extremely loyal, and adore their masters. The Labrador retriever is the dog that takes over your world. When they want your attention, nothing works. You might not be able to get away even for a second. It is a high energy dog that thrives on human company and being around their family. It is a retriever with an independent spirit. This is the dog you choose if you want to relax and leave all the work to it. It will let you know if you're too lazy to take the dog for a walk. Just think, it is guaranteed not to disappoint you.


Barks like a TIGER!


It is very alert and will bark constantly. It is not the kind of dog that you are going to leave alone for long. It must have a good reason to bark incessantly.


The Rottweiler

The cutest dog in Nigeria, but incredibly aggressive to strangers and its owners! The Rottweiler is one of the easiest breeds to raise from puppyhood. Rottweilers are protective of their family and are high on energy, but calm and loyal. Rottweilers are excellent with kids. The Rottweiler is usually obedient, although high on energy and fiero (verb.) The Rottweiler makes a great first dog if you are planning to have a family.




A stunning animal, the leopard is very athletic and tends to be very agile. The lion's mane is a cool part of their appearance and their coat is so soft. Due to their strength, they are great for pulling heavy loads. They are good with other pets but may be wary of strangers. Leopards are excellent runners, and are sometimes mistreated as guard dogs.


The Golden Retriever

If you're looking for a pet with beautiful golden fur, this is the dog for you. A gentle giant, this dog loves to cuddle and may also make a great guide dog or seeing eye dog. It is also very loving and is known for its reliable devotion. If you have enough space, a Golden Retriever will need a lot of exercise and is not an ideal choice for someone with chronic back problems. They do not have long hair and so are not suited for hot weather. This dog is the perfect mix between a domestic and farm dog. A retired shelter dog would do very well with a Golden Retriever because of their easy-going nature.


Black and Tan Coonhound


If your partner or roommate is a good cuddler, you can't go wrong with a Coonhound.


The German Sheperd

If you want a dog that can be good at walking on the leash, retrieving, lying in the grass, following you around and not much else, this is the perfect breed for you. They have a kind of tough appearance and are easily housebroken. But there are some downsides to this breed, like strong swagger, and difficulty with toddlers. But once they get to know you, you'll be in for a great companion!




Poodles are usually tall and elegant. They are also very independent and adaptable with loads of energy! The big word for poodles is attention, and you'll want lots of it from your dog once you get one!


Doberman Pinscher


These are one of the most common dog breeds in Nigeria and have a good reputation for being protective and loving. This is another excellent guard dog.



The beautiful thing about all these dogs is that they share some common ground; their size, beauty, vitality and intelligence. Remember that our furry companions are more than a mascot to our family. They are our friends, protectors, guides, comforters and trainers. This article is to answer the questions you might have about all the dogs, what exactly are they and what are they bred for. Just like you, dog lovers are no strangers to a debate; who is right and who is wrong? It would help to know a little about the common misconceptions about dog breeds.


Remember, when choosing a dog breed, you should never focus on appearances. Your dog should be your buddy, not a mere pet. What you want is a happy, healthy, adventurous and healthy companion; one that will be with you no matter what.



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