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PUBLISHED 21/09/2021

Jump.AFRICA was built to champion the ingenuity, hard-working spirit and creativity of the Nigerian people. Nigeria has some of the smartest and most capable people in the world and we want to make sure that their services and craftsmanship are able to be showcased to the world. We believe that a country’s economic engine is her small and medium sized businesses and that we must urge all facets of the government to create an environment that is friendly towards business and investments.

We are watching closely the developments that have taken place with regards to the Central Bank of Nigeria and their crackdown on any published exchange rates for the Naira and their hope that this would strengthen the underlying currency.

We do not envy the job of the CBN and hope that for the sake of the country they can meet their objectives to stabilise and strengthen the Naira. We do hope that they take further efforts to communicate more clearly their plans and objectives to meet this goal; as should be expected in a functional democratic system. We truly believe that a prosperous Nigeria, unleashed to meet her potential, would benefit all; young and old, rich and poor.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of Nigeria in any way we can and add value through our services and insights. As such, we are open to sharing our thoughts on how to move the country forward and provide a better business climate that would be attractive to both local and foreign investment over the long-term.

As a result; we will not take part in any activities that could call us into question or give any credence to any accusation that we are trying to undermine the Nigerian Naira or the objectives of the CBN. We operate only as a social platform for business discussions and a professional services marketplace.

If you have visited our website today with the hope of checking exchange rates or any related activities, we are sorry to disappoint you. Instead we would ask you to join us and register to build the biggest business and social community in Africa so we can create platforms that better empower Africans and their businesses.

Thank you
The Jump.AFRICA team

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We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform.


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We have a fully functional online query handling system to assist you in using our online trading platform.

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Find business services from trusted professionals

We have the widest and most trusted platform for service providers all over Africa. From clearing agents in Nigeria to marketing professionals in Kenya, you can find them all here.

All out service providers are fully verified, you can read and leave reviews, and all transactions can be communicated and discussed online in real time. All payments are managed through escrow, so we ensure that your service is delivered before payment is released to the service provider. Service providers are constantly reviewed to ensure quality.

Raise Funding For A Business Project

Do you have a business idea that needs investment and exposure? Then you are in the right place. We work with large Investors, Venture capitalists and Private Equity groups to help you find the right investor for your business idea or existing company.

We understand that raising funding is one of the biggest inhibitors for many wanting to start or operate a business in Africa. Using the power of crowdfunding, under a structured and supervised formula we hope to raise funding for promising opportunities and entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference.


Smart Security Solutions

Jump.AFRICA provides smart security systems that monitor your home, office, or anywhere you stay remotely with built-in AI-driven real-time dashcam footage, live customer support, and automated alerts sent instantly if it detects anything out of the ordinary.

Do not miss another detail with Jump.AFRICA, with our smart surveillance system for your business. With video footage sent to any location in the world at any time, you'll never lose track of visitors. Our professional devices are encased in tamper-proof fiberglass so there are no accidental or intentional interruptions caused by extreme weather or attacks, guaranteeing years of consecutive service.

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Raising Capital For Pally Startup

Pally is a digital platform that bridges the gap between people who love to give free gifts and people who need them the most.

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Information TechnologyLagos, (still in development)

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African College of Health

An online institution of health care learnings.

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EducationFCT (Virtual)

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Fund to start up an executive hair beauty saloon

I need fund to start a beauty saloon for both male and female

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Fashion and

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I produce boxers for male and female, I supply to retailers and also supply to Cameroon and Ghana. My products are of good quality .

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ManufacturingAbaDeg old

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love is greate company

marketing instagram followers

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Media and

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3FOLD Education Centre

Education Management and provider of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, PMP, CCP, Six Sigma Green and Black Belt

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Modern Houses For Sale in Uganda

investment opportunities in uganda

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Property and Constructionkampala

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We see a future for Africa that truly fulfils the continents immense potential, but we believe that this can only be done with hard work dedication and the road must begin somewhere. We intend to be one of the biggest facilitators of business and trade within Africa and with the rest of the world.

Jump.AFRICA plans to develop services that tackle the largest and hardest problems that businesses and individuals face when travelling and doing business in Nigeria and West Africa.

We hope to build a strong and long-lasting community based on trust and mutual well-being. Our services are built to stand as trusted institutions that give many businesses the chance to thrive and develop in Global marketplace.


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