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Neighborhood patrol nigeria The Importance of Neighborhood Patrol in Nigeria

The Importance of Neighborhood Patrol in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the presence of gangs and other criminal elements is a major problem. In order to combat this issue, many communities have formed vigilante groups which serve as neighborhood patrols. These patrols are very effective at protecting their communities from crime and violence, but they can also be quite dangerous themselves. Here's why it's important for these groups to take precautions when patrolling their neighborhoods.

In the United States, those who choose to patrol their neighborhoods often do so because they're concerned about security or law enforcement in their area being inadequate or understaffed. In some cases, this means that citizens may form citizen action teams that conduct foot patrols of local businesses or public areas during particular hours of the day (e.g., night).

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Section 1: Why Neighborhood Patrols Are Important

According to an article by Quintan Wiktorowicz at Huffington Post, people who regularly patrol their communities in Nigeria often do so to help others, in this case, their neighbors. So, what makes the presence of neighborhood patrols so important?


In some cases, this type of neighborhood watch serves as an additional line of defense for crime victims. While many people tend to rely on the police to protect them from violence, sometimes it can be difficult to seek police assistance if you don't know your neighbors well enough. Additionally, neighborhood patrol volunteers can help prevent crime by reporting suspicious activity to the authorities and perhaps even instigating other self-defense measures.


How Neighborhood Patrols Work in Nigeria

In Nigeria, street-level patrols have little to do with law enforcement. Instead, they're often used to make one's neighborhood more peaceful and safe by physically confronting gang members or other criminals who attempt to rob, attack or assault individuals or damage property within a neighborhood.


This can have the unintended consequence of turning neighborhood patrols into what's known as "mob justice." The result is often that neighborhoods become no-go areas for the communities' residents.


How to Avoid a Neighborhood Watch Group in Nigeria


Sometimes, groups of young men or teenagers will organize to patrol certain parts of a neighborhood and may choose to do so during specified hours of the day.


The Role of the Community in Neighborhood Patrols

While community members certainly play a role in vigilante patrols, many communities also host neighborhood watch programs that encourage community members to get involved in crime prevention and patrolling efforts. This means that the citizens themselves are key to the success of neighborhood watch programs. There are a number of reasons why this is so.


• You'll Get to Know Your Neighbors Better. A neighborhood watch program can connect local citizens to each other as well as with the police. After all, you might be the person who is most likely to see something suspicious happening. A neighborhood watch program can be a great way to connect with those in your area.


• It'll Help With Crime Prevention.

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