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US invests $85tr globally in fight against HIV/AIDS in 18 years

(US) Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, yesterday uncovered that the US government, through the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has put more than $85tr in its battle against HIV/AIDS universally. 


Talking at the dispatch of the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Surge Response in Jos, she clarified that in Nigeria alone, PEPFAR had put more than $6b in public HIV/AIDS reaction. 


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Level State Governor, Simon Lalong, appreciated the US government for all it has done as respects HIV/AIDS, encouraging it to keep supporting general well-being programs. 


Lalong, addressed by his representative, Prof. Sonni Tyoden, additionally encouraged the United States to help philanthropic framework advancement in the farming area. 


The lead representative beseeched the representative to take a gander at drug the board and make a commitment. 

(US) Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard

APIN Public Health Initiatives' Communications and Media Specialist, Emerald Awa – Agwu, said 


APIN Public Health Initiatives has been executing HIV projects in Plateau since 2000 and is at present carrying out the president's crisis plan for AIDS Relief (PEDFAR) program, subsidized by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 15 of the 17 neighbourhood boards in the state. 


Level State Commissioner for Health, Dr Nimkong Lar, said just regarding 36.3 per cent of kids living with HIV presently approach life-saving prescriptions, leaving a critical treatment weight of 63.7 per cent. 


Lar added that the pediatric populace, which continues to endure the worst part of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, has expected 150 000 youngsters matured 10-14 years living with the illness and an announced 22 000 new contaminations.




Thirty minutes ago, CBN planned another N300b credit facility for households, SMEs.


One hour ago, Nigeria’s $26.5 billion maintenance cost enough to build three new refineries.


Two hours ago, Eliminating intervention funds disruptions to stimulate growth.



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