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Nigeria for kids

The Best Places To Visit In Nigeria: A Guide For Kids

The Best Places To Visit In Nigeria: A Guide For Kids

Nigeria is one of the most popular countries in Africa, and for good reason. The country has many beautiful places to see including the city of Lagos which is filled with modern architecture and historical landmarks like Fort Jesus. Nigeria also has several national parks where you can go on safaris and see animals like lions, elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes etc.


Section 1: Introduction

I got into writing on the subject of the best places to visit in Nigeria, because it is an issue I care about and find interesting. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Nigeria for tourists all around the world. Although many people do not know much about Nigeria, there are plenty of reasons why it is such an interesting country and one that should be seen.


Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with a population of approximately 193.1 million people. About 57.6% of Nigeria's population is of the Christian religion while 32.3% is Muslim. In addition, there are also 28 tribal groups in Nigeria.


It is also one of the most diverse countries in Africa as it has 36 different languages in it.


The Beauty of Nigeria

Nigeria has beautiful beaches that can be found in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onne, and Warri. Apart from beaches, the country also has some of the most beautiful rainforests in Africa that you can visit to go on a safari. The majority of the rainforest is found in the Niger Delta region. Rivers in the Niger Delta include Delta, Rivers, Ekerere, Alagbon, Ajaokuta, Abia, the Akwa Ibom State, Cross River, and Ogoja.


The landscapes are mainly rainforest but there are also several deserts found in the south east and the north which are perfect for camping. There are also some well-known beaches, such as the popular beach in Cross River State. The beaches have high-class hotels and other accommodation options like camping sites.


Culture in Nigeria

The people of Nigeria are incredibly warm and welcoming, and you can also learn about their rich cultural heritage. The country is home to a variety of different ethnicities, and the cuisine of Nigeria reflects that. Yoruba is the most widely spoken language in the country, and you can also listen to music in a variety of different languages including Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Arabic. The famous movies in Nigeria are Nollywood movies which are produced by mostly Nigerian actors and actresses. Nigerians are very friendly people and they love to visit foreigners so be prepared for some nice Nigerian hospitality.


Travel tips for going to Nigeria


By way of a brief history, Nigeria was split into Nigeria and the Republic of Biafra at the end of the Nigerian Civil War.


Health and Safety

With a government that wants to make Nigeria an innovative nation and, most importantly, a safer place to live, you don't have to worry about the health and safety of your family, but if you are in a group with children, it's good to be prepared for things to go wrong. For example, during the festival period, men will be getting drunk and go out looking for easy sex or engage in whatever they think is legal on a Saturday night.


"These days the situation is bad," Shehu said. "Just the other day, some men came to my house looking for some girl. They told me they were soldiers. They used to be my neighbour."


Other major problems are associated with human trafficking. One case that Shehu experienced involved a woman who he was assisting.


Places to visit in Nigeria

1. Zoo


The Lagos zoo has over 400 animals including giraffes, lions, antelopes, cheetahs and other animals found in the wild. The zoo also has a bird sanctuary and has many animals that you wouldn't see at other zoos.


2. National Museum


The National Museum of Nigeria is one of the largest museums in Africa. The museum has an interesting collection of history from the paleolithic era to the colonial era and the millennium. The museum has an interesting collection of artefacts ranging from Nok gold, make up, electronics, and arms. The museum also has a collection of different religious artefacts such as the oil lamp, the cross, and the burial mask of the Yoruba deity Okoro Etiti.





The capital of Nigeria and the largest city, Lagos, is also known as the 'Mecca of Africa.'


For more information on what to do in Lagos, check out Travel Africa Magazine's city guide.


Lagos Airport


If you're flying to Lagos, it's important to know that you'll need to go through the Lagos Airport. We'll take you through how to get to the airport for your trip.


source: tesh.com


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Posted By: Charles McWilliams Charles McWilliams is a financial advisor and a freelance writer. His work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Money, CNN, FoxBusiness.com, Consumer Affairs, Tom's Basics, and http://realestatecruises.com/. Charles is an avid traveler and wants to share his experiences with you.


National Parks

The National Parks in Nigeria are some of the best places to visit. The Zuma Rock, Zuma Beach, the Island of Jollof, Okavango Delta, Omo Forest Reserve, Etche Wildlife Sanctuary and Igegun Sankofa Forest Reserve are all National Parks in Nigeria.


These national parks have their own animals like gorillas, lions, baboons, crocodiles, hippos, and lions. You will get the opportunity to see wild dogs, monkey, lizards, snakes, and insects. It is a good idea to come here with kids because these animals are mostly timid and keep very close to the protection of trees or water.


Accommodation in Nigeria


When you come to Nigeria, you must make sure that you book a hotel at the National Park. The best hotels in Nigeria are located in these national parks.



These are the top places you can visit in Nigeria if you are a kid.


If you enjoyed the list, please take a look at this short video of a Nigerian Girl showing us her “List of Reasons to Visit Nigeria” ( Video )


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