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Rich nigerian politician

Steps to Becoming a Politician in Nigeria: The Complete Guide

Steps to Becoming a Politician in Nigeria: The Complete Guide

Nigeria is a country with a population of over 190 million people, and so there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to become politicians. Politics in Nigeria can be very lucrative as some politicians have been known to use their influence to get rich quick. The process of becoming a politician isn't difficult but it does take time and patience. If you're willing, here's how you go about getting into politics in Nigeria.

Section 1: Qualifications and Requirements

Before you can become a politician in Nigeria, you must be eligible to run for office in Nigeria. You must also be a Nigerian citizen who has not been convicted of any crime. When you register, you must also complete a form that requires you to provide two certificates for two different positions – one for you to become a candidate, and the other for the registration of the party you're running with. This process must be followed by all candidates. The certificates are from different ministries, and must be certified by those ministries.


However, you must also meet certain qualifications in order to become a politician in Nigeria. To become a candidate, you must:


Be a member of a political party – this should be from a national party, and not from an Igbo or Yoruba faction.


The Right Background and Contacts

First things first, before you set your sights on becoming a politician in Nigeria, you need to have a basic understanding of the Nigerian government. You must also understand the fact that being a politician is not an easy task, and not everyone who becomes a politician is good at what they do. As a matter of fact, most of the politicians who became popular in Nigeria are not great politicians. Their hard work and loyalty to the people are what made them politicians.




To be a successful politician in Nigeria, you must have a good education and also be dedicated to the job. You must also have been born and bred in Nigeria, especially if you're willing to run for an election.


How to Start

The easiest way to enter the Nigerian political scene is to run for a local or state office. For example, if you want to be governor of a state or president of the country, you're going to need to seek the support of your colleagues and get the support of the voters in your local area.


Running for local office isn't particularly difficult, but the nomination process can be tough. For example, even though there are only nine states in Nigeria, only one person can run for governor from each state. This means that you'll need to get the support of several people in order to get your name listed as a candidate.


Once you're able to do this, you will then have to go through several steps in order to qualify for the ballot.


Getting the Votes

You might have an uncle, aunt or friend who's involved in politics and could give you the right advice about how to get your name on the ballot.


Read more


Welcome to the Nigerian political world. Read more here


Stay in Touch


Because a political position is like a job interview for the political elite in Nigeria, there's a lot of networking involved. One of the best ways to stay informed is by joining your state, local or federal political party. This will help you stay in touch with current events and will allow you to hear about the latest issues and candidates. It's also a good way to meet your prospective constituents. You can also keep an eye out for key issues that are being discussed and hear from your local officials when they have news to share.


Winning the Seat

The first thing you have to do is find out who the candidates for your constituency are. When you're prepared to vie for a seat in the National Assembly, you have to find out who's standing for your constituency and what their plans are. You'll need to gain permission from your former constituents to run for their seat. All you need is the approval of 10 of the 50 registered political parties in the country, or their president. Once you've got this permission, you'll need to find out if you're eligible to stand in that particular constituency. That means you'll have to pass all the rigorous checks, and of course pay a large fee. Depending on the number of days it takes to process your application, you can pay as little as N100 to a few hundred thousand dollars.


Making It Work

Political office is not a job that anyone can just get and easily. Political offices are earned and it is through the nomination of those you will be elected to serve the public who will also be given certain things for voting for you. The Nigerian politician acts as the link between the people and the government so it is necessary for them to be well educated and trustworthy. Politicians who are well educated, educated politicians can then give hope to the less fortunate citizens of the country and as well make sure that the country is properly governed.


1. Early Start


Being a politician is not like playing in a team where everyone knows each other and has respect for each other.



No matter how rich or poor you are, it's always important to never lose hope. Always stay strong and work hard to achieve your goals. If you're looking to become a politician, the steps above will help you along the way.



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