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Starsight presents sustainability award to fcmb for achieving 100 sites

Starsight presents sustainability award to FCMB for achieving 100 sites


Starsight, the main Commercial and Industrial ("C&I") sun-oriented force supplier in West Africa, introduced its 2020 Sustainability Award to FCMB for accomplishing 100 locales with introduced economical force, stockpiling, and cooling arrangements. This achievement denotes a critical accomplishment for Starsight, FCMB, and the Nigerian C&I market. 


Starsight has finished more than 500 locales in Nigeria since 2015. The organization presently has 41 MW of introduced production limit, 33 MWh of capacity, and 16,320 HP in the cooling limit across Nigeria and Ghana, with new business sectors expected to come online in 2021. 


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FCMB has been a Starsight customer for a very long time and has profited by Starsight's end-to-end force and cooling administrations at 110 of its branches across Nigeria. With force and cooling establishments set up at most of their Nigerian branches, FCMB is presently profiting from Starsight's start to finish administration responsibility and framework the board mastery. 


Head for SME Sales for Starsight, Teme Jack, said, "our SME group worked intimately with FCMB to encourage a widescale sending of Starsight's top tier sun-powered and cooling arrangements across their Nigerian branches. We anticipate investigating more freedoms to serve different organizations inside the FCMB bunch pushing ahead." 


Division Head of Corporate Services at FCMB, Felicia Obozuwa, remarked, "the excursion with Starsight began in 2015 and has developed throughout the long term. FCMB extols Starsight's proficient sunlight-based arrangement, which has assisted us with accomplishing our maintainability objectives. We have confidence in Starsight sending to our destinations, particularly due to their astounding after-deals administration. We anticipate drawing in Starsight with more organizations to improve unwavering energy quality in our different structures." 


Starlight's CEO, Tony Carr, added, "We are glad for our drawn-out relationship with FCMB and praise their obligation to maintainability. Starlight's answers have furnished FCMB with 99.99% uptime permitting them to zero in on their banking center business. We profoundly esteem our drawn-out customers like FCMB, and we are appreciative of the support from our value financial backers Helios Investment Partners and Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers and obligation financial backers Norfund and Finnfund, which permits us to set up and grow these long-term connections." 



Established in 2015, Starsight is the main West African Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy-as-a-specialist organization. It has sent 41 MW of introduced production limit, 33 MWh of capacity, and 16,320 HP in the cooling limit across 545 altogether Nigerian states and Ghana. The Company's group of profoundly experienced experts gives power answers for a different customer base, including banks, service stations, schools, and huge business farming organizations. Starlight's restrictive savvy innovation advances energy utilization empowering clients to reduce energy expenses and lift productivity without bringing about any forthright cost. Starsight conveys a start to finish administration, beginning with evaluating a customer's energy needs to establish and upkeep a sustainable power arrangement. This is then trailed by progressing specialized help. Starlight's drawn-out associations with its blue-chip customers mirror the nature of its in-house designing, acquirement, and development administrations, alongside the unwavering quality of its tasks, support, and client assistance. Together these furnish clients with the true serenity that all their force-related issues are in dependable hands. 


Starsight has reliably kept up the most noteworthy ESG certifications and keeps on lessening its clients' carbon impression and hurtful diesel discharges. The Company is upheld by Helios Investment Partners and Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers.


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