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Starsight presents sustainability award to ecobank for achieving 100 sites

Starsight presents sustainability award to Ecobank for achieving 100 sites


Starsight Energy, the leading Commercial and Industrial ("C&I") sun-oriented force supplier in West Africa, introduced its second 2020 Sustainability Award to Ecobank for arriving at the achievement of 100+ destinations with trained supportable force stockpiling and cooling arrangements.

This accomplishment features Ecobank's obligation to manageability, just as Starsight's capacity to assist its customers with accomplishing their ESG objectives.

Starsight has finished more than 500 locales in Nigeria since 2015.

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The organization at present has 41 MW of introduced producing limit, 33 MWh of battery stockpiling, and 16,320 HP of cooling limit across Nigeria and Ghana, with new business sectors expected to come online in 2021.

Ecobank is one of Starsight Energy's biggest customers by several locales, with 150 force establishments across their branches in Nigeria. Starlight's cutting-edge frameworks will empower Ecobank to dodge more than 45,000 tons of CO2 outflows over the undertaking lifetime while essentially decreasing force and cooling costs.

Ecobank's Executive Director of Corporate Banking, Kola Adeleke, got the honour for the bank's benefit. Head of Business Services for Ecobank, Olugboyega Falayi, remarked, "our association with Starsight has empowered Ecobank to diminish its fossil fuel byproducts while conveying a cleaner working climate, in this way advancing the Bank's natural maintainability strategy. Further, our areas' consistent and clean force supply has enormously improved uptime for in-branch ATMs, meaning improved pay and better brand insight.

"Starsight has been reliable and brief in organizations to Ecobank destinations in any event, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company has displayed brilliant client support and reaction time to issues at whatever point they emerge. We are sure that the two players will keep on profiting by this relationship later on."

Starsight Energy's Chief Executive Officer, Tony Carr, added, "Ecobank has accomplished a noteworthy achievement of over 11MW of introduced sun based and mixture age limit. We are glad to help them achieve their supportability objectives while guaranteeing their clients and staff never need to stress overpower vacation.

"Our monetary area customers depend on our 99.9 per cent uptime assurance to keep their important business of banking going every minute of every day. We profoundly esteem our drawn-out customers like Ecobank, and we are grateful for the sponsorship from our value financial backers Helios Investment Partners and African Infrastructure Investment Managers and obligation financial backers Norfund and Finnfund, which permits us to set up and extend these drawn-out connections."


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