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Nigeria stock market

Renewed confidence, excitement as NSE completes demutualisation exercise

"Trust is the most required quality in any business. So are steady obligation to the prosperity of clients, the fulfilment of customers and specialists for the development of any undertaking." 


The above was the accommodation of the Managing Director of ATCOHOMES, Mr Win Abatan Oluwayomi, during a talk yesterday with writers in Lagos. 

Oluwayomi, who is additionally president/organizer of Arrow Leadership Development Foundation (ALDEF), noted: "Aside from selling land, we are keen on the joy and satisfaction of our customers when purchasing from us. I frequently tell the staff that we are not in business due to benefit fundamentally, but instead to serve. Our objective is the administration and not additions. That is the explanation we vivaciously drive 'Reality to a more well off life!' mandate of ATCOHOMES." 


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He proceeded: "We are one of a kind in the manner and way we continue ahead. We accept business is anything but a sink or swim thing, yet a do-and-live matter; consequently, the benefit doesn't drive us. 


"Our specialist's bonus structure is top-notch in this industry, particularly those that began about the same with us. We fabricate houses that our clients are happy to live in because we work as though we live in them ourselves. We assist our customers with adaptable instalment plans, for example, an instalment plan for two years with zero per cent interest on the cost of land." 

On existing enactments, Oluwayomi submitted: "Government is making an honest effort. Of course, we generally need a more significant amount of everything, except the government can't give everything. The government has set up empowering laws that will make anyone successful; however, everything relies upon the drivers to draw in those laws in significant and gainful ways. 


"The land area in Nigeria is flourishing. Let nobody beguiles you. ATCOHOMES dispatched a year ago for an exceptionally adaptable instalment plan that suits the low, medium, and high general public workers. Sometimes, we have set up an instalment plan of two years with zero interest on the cost of land, among others."


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