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Hadiza bala usman

NPA bars non-registered trucks from ports under ‘Eto’ scheme

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One hour ago, NERC reviewed the MAP scheme as meter deployment suffers a setback.

The Managing Director, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Hadiza Bala Usman, has announced that trucks not enrolled under 'Eto,' the electronic truck-call up the application, would not approach the ports on February 27, 2020. 


Bala Usman said that trucks discovered leaving on any piece of the ports access streets when the plan takes off would be seized during an online class. She clarified that all trucks are relied upon to be left at assigned truck leaves from where they would be called into the ports when their freight is prepared for the pick. 

As a component of the activity of the 'Eto' application, the NPA manager said that the Authority, related to the Lagos State Government, has authorized seven parks where trucks could be positioned and welcomed into the ports when their cargoes are prepared to get. 


"I have consistently had the possibility that eliminating human intercession in calling up trucks into the ports is vital to taking care of the truck clog issue. I'm certain that this progression, joined with improved rail access in the ports and the utilization of freight ships to move a load, will tackle this issue," Bala Usman clarified. 


Aside from calling up trucks, Bala Usman said that the 'Eto' application would likewise be answerable for the arrival of void compartments to the ports by delivery organizations. This, she said, implies that payload proprietors are not permitted to go to the docks to drop void compartments, which should be taken to the holding narrows of delivery organizations. 


As per her: "With Eto, we have ensured that the enlistment of transportation organizations is attached to having void compartments holding narrows. This is the place where representatives will drop void holders from now on. Transportation organizations must orchestrate how to move void compartments to the ports through the Eto." 


We have had pushbacks from delivery organizations before, yet we have to deny their 2021 enlistment except if they give void compartment holding inlets and sign on to Eto. We are glad that they have agreed." 


Bala Usman clarified that the NPA is working with the Lagos State Government and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to guarantee full consistency with Eto activities, and trucks found around the ports without being called to the ports will be seized. Their proprietors made to confront the law. 


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