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Nigeria weather

Nigeria Weather: The Climate of Nigeria - When to Go, What to Pack

Nigeria Weather: The Climate of Nigeria - When to Go, What to Pack

Nigeria is a country located in West Africa and it has a tropical climate. The average temperature for Nigeria during the hottest month of the year (August) is about 27 degrees Celsius (81 Fahrenheit). This makes it hot all year round, with humid weather. When traveling to Nigeria, there are several factors that you should consider when packing your bags: the type of clothes that will be appropriate and what items would make life easier while on vacation.

Section 1: The Climate in Nigeria

There are several seasons in Nigeria. The ones I have mentioned are also called the hot weather season.


The country experiences the hottest months from August to October. If you like to spend your time outdoors, you will need to make sure to have suitable clothes that will be comfortable during the hot weather. The following are the clothes that would be good to wear in this season:


Tops (Rugged) Tops (Soft) Jeans Shirts Sweatshirts Shorts Pants Knee high socks


Shoes (Rugged) Sandals Shoes (Soft) Nike Air Max 98v3 Flares Sneakers Size 9 Sneakers Size 9


Shorts (Soft) Midi Shorts Midi Tops Sweatshirts Dress Shirts


Section 2: What To Bring and what NOT TO BRING


What you bring is always a matter of personal preference.


When to go to Nigeria

Nigeria is a vast country, making it difficult to see everything in one trip. The south is widely accessible while north is difficult to reach. As a result, when it comes to choosing the optimal place to visit, it is better to choose the coast. It is located in the south of Nigeria where you will find more of the beaches with beautiful scenery. While traveling in Nigeria, make sure to protect your skin from sunburn. You will need to go barefoot, not swim, and avoid tanning. To get to the beaches, you can use public transport. But there are also airports in the south, so you can take a plane there to get to these beaches.


What to wear when traveling to Nigeria


When traveling to Nigeria, you need to be careful about what you wear. Remember, you will be visiting a country with hot weather.


What to Pack for Nigeria

Top Tip: When it comes to clothing, forget about patterns and colors, since these can be very difficult to wear. You would probably end up looking like a fool. More importantly, avoid wearing outfits that are too short for you. Nigerians love to dress in long skirts, dresses, and tight fitted pants, so make sure that you do not get too hot in such outfits.


Go Simple with Black and White


When dressing for a heat in a country where there is no air conditioning or air conditioning units, you want to keep in mind the climate and remember that it will always be cooler in the evening.


Avoid wearing layers to save your money, and wearing a T-shirt and shorts in a country like Nigeria is better than wearing a sweater and jacket for the same heat.



To get the most out of your travel experience, it is important to know about the weather and cultural peculiarities in the country. Even though certain areas of the country are tropical, it is not always that they have the perfect weather. Instead, they can sometimes be rainy and rainy spells are always unpredictable. A safe bet would be to pack some light-weight and light-colored clothing that will be appropriate for the weather. Pack sturdy shoes for exploring, as well as a small umbrella to protect yourself against the rain. As for the wardrobe, you will definitely need some long pants, long sleeve shirts, and long pants. A few good tips is that you should not bring many warm clothes because the weather is very hot.


Stretch shorts and lightweight tanks should be fine.



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