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Minister of state for of science and technology, mohammed abdullahi  tradenaira

‘Nigeria’s natural resource export shrinking economy’


Minister of State of Science and Technology, Mohammed Abdullahi, has supported cooperative energy among the public authority, industry and the scholarly world to broaden the economy. 


He lamented that depending on common assets is liable for the country's openness to monetary precariousness. Abdullahi talked yesterday at the initial function of a virtual workshop on Government-Industry-Academia (GIA) Linkage, coordinated by the National Center for Technology Management (NACETEM) themed 'encouraging innovative advancement through government-industry-the scholarly community (triple helix) linkages in Nigeria'. 


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He noticed that it was miserable that Nigeria, regardless of its colossal, bountiful human and material assets for country building, is pained by precariousness. 


As indicated by him, any country that needs to broaden financially prioritizes exploration and advancement of its formative plan through a productive joint effort among the scholarly world, industry, and government. He noticed that worldwide, logical and mechanical forward leaps "are accomplished through innovative work. 


The pastor focused on the difficulties of all-around manageable improvement looked at by Nigeria. The drawn-out character of exploration exercises called for important ways to deal with examination and advancement to enhance its economy. 

Minister of State for of Science and Technology, Mohammed Abdullahi 

He said: "the solitary accessible alternative to change this direction is improving the expansion of our dear country's economy through application and organization of front line exploration and advancement altogether areas of the economy. 


"Exploration is a central piece of public turn of events. To get the required effects on society, research should be request-driven and customized to take care of cultural issues and improve residents' satisfaction. It has been unquestionably demonstrated that weighty examination and commercialization of exploration results bring a change in outlook in this day and age. Any country wishing to create and develop at high speed should select arrangement-based examination. 


"There could be no more excellent time for research than now when Nigerians are attempting to look inwards to discover options by utilizing privately created advances to tackle public issues and difficulties. For the public economy, exploration and advancement could yield innovations and items, create answers for existing difficulties and lift the worldwide intensity of its merchandise and ventures." 


Chief General of NACETEM, Prof. Okechukwu Ukwuoma, authenticated that the collective energy among the public authority, industry and the scholarly community would achieve an extreme change in the nation's ways to deal with science, innovation and advancement.




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