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Economy of nigeria

Nigeria Can Be Great Again: How To Improve The Economy of Nigeria

Nigeria Can Be Great Again: How To Improve The Economy of Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that has been through a lot in the past few decades. From military coups to economic hardships, it would be easy for many Nigerians to feel hopeless about their future and believe that Nigeria can't get any better. But there are some things we can do to improve the economy of Nigeria so they don't have such bleak prospects ahead of them!

The Nigerian government needs to invest more money into educating its citizens on how money works and what they need in order to build wealth themselves. They also need more jobs, which means they need companies who want opportunities in Nigeria and will work with them on expanding their workforce or opening new factories in the country.


Section 1: The Economy of Nigeria

Nigeria is currently facing a major recession due to dropping oil prices and the rising cost of food imports. They are currently estimated to have an annual budget deficit of about 1.2 trillion US dollars. There is a lack of foreign investments in the country because people don't see a good return on their investment in Nigeria. And there is a high unemployment rate in Nigeria because the country has a very poor educational system that no longer focuses on cultivating the workforce and developing new and unique talents.


In order to improve the economy of Nigeria, the government needs to increase tax revenue and cut spending on social programs. They need to replace Nigeria's very ineffective economic policies with effective monetary and fiscal policies.


How Nigeria Can Improve Their Economy

Nigeria still has a lot to offer and in order for its economy to improve it needs to become an attraction for more businesses. Nigeria has a lot to offer, it has access to a lot of natural resources, it has a lot of human resource and it has one of the biggest populations of people in the world so the opportunities for creating business opportunities are there.


Since businesses usually only want to do business with countries they can generate business with, it's important that they do their research when choosing where to invest their money.


What Should the Nigerian Government Do?

The Nigerian government has been spending around 0.9% of its GDP on education and health, but it needs to increase that amount so that its citizens can become educated and can begin to manage their own money.


If it did so, there are still many other ways in which the Nigerian economy could grow. People would need the confidence to save, which means they would be more likely to have money to invest, and they would need to start buying more things, which means they would need more money to purchase these products!


So yes, there are many ways in which Nigeria could improve its economy but government spending should be at the forefront of any change.


Invest more money into educating people

It has long been noted that one of the biggest issues Nigerians face is illiteracy. The education system is poor and has the capacity to become much worse if resources aren't invested in it. Instead of just putting money into educating the young population, the government needs to make sure that there are new teachers in the schools, so that the kids can learn new things.


Teach children and young adults financial literacy


Another thing Nigerians need to be educated on is how to make money. The way that it's taught in school isn't necessarily going to work in the real world. So instead of just learning a few basic concepts like how to balance a bank account and paying bills on time, people need to learn more complex concepts.


Increase jobs for Nigerians

One of the main things that drives development is the number of people that have jobs. If there is less poverty in a country, people will feel more confident and start to prosper. To do this, the government needs to encourage businesses to come to Nigeria, as they will be creating a lot of jobs for Nigerians. So, create a culture of free enterprise, which allows the government to control spending, and use tax payers money to promote businesses. That way, companies will want to work with the government so that they can have more opportunities to expand their workforce. It's a win-win situation!


Invest in infrastructure


One of the main things that hold Nigerians back from living the high life is their crumbling infrastructure.



Those are some ways Nigeria can improve its economy and what steps the government can take to make that happen. Having fewer things will lead to less corruption. Investing money into things that can actually improve people's lives, like education and helping people get jobs and gain skills, is how a country gets better. If these things can't be improved, the government needs to look for ways to cut taxes and spend money more effectively. Some of the big businesses in Nigeria that aren't paying taxes would like to be paying more in taxes to help improve the economy.


Here in the US, it's quite easy to become uneducated on money. Many people don't understand how easy it is to start a small business or how easy it is to invest a little money into a stock to make a big gain.



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