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Eighteenth engineering company

N4.2b North-East bridge ready for use soon, says Chinese contractor


A Chinese development firm, Eighteenth Engineering Company, has said that the primary flyover in North-East would be prepared to utilize later in the year. 


The N4.2 billion overhead scaffold development contract was granted to the Chinese organization in 2019 by the Borno State Government. Lead representative Babagana Zulum, a year ago, hailed off the development of the overhead extension in Maiduguri, the state capital, to make it the third flyover in the whole north. 

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Overseeing Director of the organization, Mr Qim Weiguo, told columnists in Abuja that "development work at the site has achieved 63% culmination and will be prepared for use by September". 

He said the task is more than 107 activities worth over N163 billion the organization had effectively attempted since 1999 when it started tasks in Nigeria. 


He noticed that notwithstanding the deferral of work in the site because of the cross country lockdown a year ago, the work has achieved huge advancement. 


"We had a slight deferral because of the flare-up of COVID-19, and Gov. Zulum requested the suspension of work in the site during the lockdown", he said, guaranteeing that the venture particulars and development fulfil worldwide guidelines. 


The scaffold was intended to facilitate the infamous gridlock in the Customs House, which indirectly links the city to global expressways prompting Cameroon and parts of Central Africa. It was at first expected to be finished inside a year and a half. 


One hour ago, the Government disbursed N1.13bn to 11,636 artisans, employees under a survival scheme.


Two hours ago, NEPZA wooed OPS for a sustainable FTZ scheme.


Three hours ago, Nigeria to collaborate with Egypt on the Siemens power project.


Four hours ago, the Tax institute calls for appropriate fiscal measures.


Five hours ago, the Stock market reverses gains as the index drops by 0.59%


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