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Importing Electronics Wholesale from China to Nigeria: The Low Down

Importing Electronics Wholesale from China to Nigeria: The Low Down

Nigerians have a strong interest in electronics. Why? Well, for starters, Nigeria is one of the most populous countries on earth with a population that exceeds 186 million people! That's more than California and New York combined! But because of import restrictions from China to Nigeria, many Nigerians are unable to purchase new electronics from Chinese vendors. This means they have to turn their attention towards refurbished or used products which can be difficult to find. In this blog post we'll explore the process of importing electronics wholesale from China into Nigeria so you can buy new gear at competitive rates without too much hassle.


Section 1: A Brief History of Electronics in Nigeria

When it comes to buying electronics in Nigeria, one of the most important aspects of the purchase process is the company you use to do business with. Companies that have obtained the appropriate licenses to conduct business within the country will have been subjected to more stringent regulations, such as regulation on creditworthiness.


Generally, any company that deals with hardware or equipment which could be used in an operational manner is subject to the Nigerian government's National Communications Commission (NCC). To fulfill these regulations, companies such as Alimosho International Shipping & Logistics Limited, Limited, Fastest Power Generation Limited, are restricted to dealing with third party importers, which are meant to bring parts and components into the country.


Import Restrictions from China to Nigeria

China has imposed import restrictions on a wide range of products over the years, the most prominent of which is electronics. Specifically, some items are "restricted items" (ITAR) and some items are "prohibited" (PNTR). For example, U.S. residents are not permitted to import handheld video game consoles with in-built voice or data communications hardware. Nor can Americans import mobile telephones with removable storage memory. The restrictions do not affect everyone equally; some foreign companies operate in China with limited business operations which, under the PNTR rules, are permitted to operate in the U.S.


The China-Nigeria Trading Process

Since March 2013, import duties on almost all electronics from China to Nigeria have been capped at 15%. This means that Chinese-manufactured phones and devices will now be cheaper to buy here than they are in most other countries in the world.


This situation is not without its downside. First, electronics like cell phones are not eligible for import duty exemptions. For example, imported smartphone under 2g of silver and up to 1GB of RAM will be subject to 15% import duty. But you'll also have to pay customs duties of 35%. This means that it will take up to 25% more for the goods to enter Nigeria and be eligible for duty-free shipping.


Second, there's the problem of so-called "synthetic goods". These are used cell phones that are imported but don't meet Nigerian standards.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Importing from China

One of the major benefits of importing electronics wholesale from China is that you're not limited to purchasing used products. This is because you're not restricted to buying products from individual vendors but can buy products from reputable sellers through authorized retailers who operate from China.


Another huge advantage is the fact that the supply chain is already in place to ensure that the products arrive in Nigeria in pristine condition. Unlike importing refurbished products, you're guaranteed to get reliable and high-quality products.


Disadvantages of Importing from China


However, importing from China can be a bit of a pain. That's because you need to pay for all of the shipping costs that come with importing the products.


How to Import Electronics Wholesale from China

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “where can I get used electronics wholesale?” The answer is, you can't just go out and buy used equipment wholesale from China. It's not legal to bring used electronics into the country and retailers may be reluctant to sell you used gear at a discount.


Even if retailers sell used items, a lot of this gear is faulty, old, and unsafe for use. You would need to take your purchase to a proper repair shop to fix the gear, or for a much more reasonable price there's an alternative, renting out used goods in Nigeria.


If you can't find a retailer who sells you electronics wholesale, you can order wholesale products from China via a service such as RammusGlobal.



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