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Kenya visa

How to Travel to Kenya Without a Visa

How to Travel to Kenya Without a Visa

Kenya is a beautiful country, but it can be difficult to plan a trip without knowing what you are doing. The visa process can be confusing and time-consuming for people who don't know how the system works. This blog post will show Kenyans how to travel to Kenya without a visa! You'll also learn about other important things like bringing your phone, documents, and health requirements that you should think about before travelling.


Section 1: The Visa Process

1. Download the Sauti Kuu app on your phone. Download from Google Play Store.


2. Make sure you have a Kenyan phone number. You can find out the number here.


3. Download the application to your phone. Fill out the application and follow the application guide.


4. Wait for the mobile network provider to activate the number.


5. Wait for the app to be updated on your phone.


6. When the number is activated, make sure you activate the app on your phone.


7. Click on ‘I'm in Kenya.’


8. Click on the destination in the search bar.


9. Find the visa page on the visa page.


10. Click on ‘Downloading Kenya Visa.’


11. Log in with the details you've entered.


12. Enter the requirements and choose whether to receive a confirmation message once the visa is ready.




Arriving in Kenya

Kenya is one of the best places in Africa for travellers who want to explore its amazing wildlife and offer the opportunity to go on safari in some of the world's most beautiful nature reserves.


The easiest way to get to Kenya from the UK is via Cape Town. You can fly direct to Nairobi for a couple of days. You will then have to connect to a domestic flight (Kisumu) to Mombasa, then take the ferry to Lamu island (Mbili Island) on Mombasa.


The ferry takes two days, so you will be travelling for around a week, but you will arrive in Kenya in time for the end of peak season, when tourists are a little less common. You can fly directly from Mombasa to Nairobi for around £150.


Getting Around

One of the most important things to consider before travelling to Kenya is how to get around. The Nairobi Central Business District can be overwhelming, so it can be helpful to know how to get around at a basic level. It may be easier for you to use a cab, but not everyone has a driver's license. You should also consider how to get around by foot. There are a lot of markets to visit and a lot of open space so public transportation may not be an option. Public transportation is much more difficult to navigate in Kenya. Trains and buses are the main modes of transportation. Kenyans and expats alike get around by these means.


Getting a Driving License


The driving process in Kenya is very different from the United States.


What to Bring

First of all, the visa processing process in Kenya is pretty complicated. The amount of documents required is huge and many don't understand all of them. Also, many people don't know that a signed letter from the minister is required to get a visa! So it is crucial to know what is required. Below are a few things that you should be sure to bring in your hand luggage:


1. A valid passport


It is always best to have a valid passport. If you are not a citizen of the country, you need to apply for a visa in person and you'll have to provide a letter from your country that you have a valid passport.


2. Full sized ID


Many countries require you to show a photo ID as a form of identification. You can either bring a passport-sized photo ID or a recent passport sized photo ID.





You need three things for entering Kenya. First, you need a government-issued form known as a Passport Control Card (PCC). Second, you need a copy of your passport. You can get this from a government office in your country or have your passport scanned. The third thing you'll need is your travel document. This will include any documents that prove you are you and will be travelling to Kenya.


The process is the same for coming into Kenya as far as your passport is concerned. Your passport needs to be scanned (unless you are travelling from Nairobi). The government officials will ask to see your passport to ensure it is still valid, and they'll also check your visa if it's expired. They won't let you in unless you are qualified to travel.


Money & Banking

Kenya has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and its currency is the shilling. There are several banks that accept Visa cards, so you can use your ATM card from your home country. But be careful, with the rise of the online payments like PayPal and major credit cards you can still get stuck in the middle of the transaction.


Be sure that you can change money at an exchange that is going to have the same currency rate as the ATM in the country that you're visiting. For example, in the United Kingdom you can change money at your bank for the pound sterling. On the other hand, in Kenya, you can change money at an exchange that is going to have a different currency rate. If you don't know, you can always ask the teller at your bank to help you understand the situation.



The current procedure to import electronic devices (e.g., laptops, cameras, MP3 players, etc.) is a bit complex. The process is slightly different for different agencies and therefore, different prices. For example, if you travel with your own luggage, you can take your gadgets with you to the airport (you'll be checked by Customs first). However, if you travel with an airport transfer service, the agents will check your gadgets and give you a paper that they have to fill in. The cost is higher if you have your own luggage.


In some situations, agents will deny your luggage because it's too expensive, but this might be because the agent doesn't understand the process. This might mean that you have to change modes of transportation, such as taking a bus from Kigali or a ferry to Malindi.


Health Requirements

If you're worried about the possibility of getting sick in Kenya, it's best to buy health insurance. Most health insurance providers offer a one-month non-refundable coverage for medical emergencies, so you can make a claim when you're back home.


Health Insurance in Kenya: Check out the options available at Easyhealthoptions.co.ke or healthinsuranceki.com for more information on health insurance plans in Kenya.


For more information, you can contact Smart Docs Limited, Care International or UAP Insurance Limited.


Driving Conditions in Kenya


Avoid driving on unlit roads at night if you don't know how to drive.


Avoid driving through flooded or muddy roads, as the roads could be full of potholes.



Almost every country has an immunization program.


The USA has a very reliable one. It is available at all doctor offices, pharmacies, and health care clinics. If you do not plan to use a health care clinic or if you are unsure about where to get the immunization, you can buy them online on the US Department of Health's website.


If you decide to go to Kenya and you plan to travel with your pet, you will need to get a pet passport. This must be applied for within three months of your return. While they do not guarantee that you will be allowed to travel with your pet, if your pet has been vaccinated, you will not need a dog tag, permit, or microchip and they will not be flagged for quarantine.


Malaria Preventive Medications

Malaria is a serious problem in Kenya. Each year, Kenyans and people who visit Kenya are often struck with an outbreak. In some cases, malaria can lead to death. Fortunately, there are a number of effective preventative medicines that can be taken to help prevent malaria and these drugs can be purchased with a simple prescription.


Visa Requirements


Before visiting Kenya, you should familiarize yourself with the visa requirements for each country you are visiting. If you do not have an entry visa and you plan to stay longer than one month, you should apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or an Electronic Travel Authority. To get your ETA you must fill out a very detailed online application that you can find on the Kenya embassy's website.



Visa rules are complicated and can be difficult to find out what they are. This blog post has helped to answer the most important questions about traveling to Kenya. You can always ask an official at the Embassy or the High Commission for more information.


I hope this blog post helped to answer your question! Thank you for reading!



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