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Nigeria to dubai

How to Travel from Nigeria to Dubai: The Best Way to Get There

How to Travel from Nigeria to Dubai: The Best Way to Get There

Nigerians need to know that there is a way to get from Nigeria to Dubai and it doesn't involve smuggling themselves. There are many ways of getting from Nigeria to Dubai, so the best thing you can do is choose which one suits you best. You can get on a flight or find someone who's willing to drive you all the way over. The latter option may be more expensive but sometimes it just might be worth it because of how long air travel takes and how much more complicated things would become if anything were amiss with your flight. Whatever your decision, just make sure that you're prepared for what's ahead!


Section 1: How to get from Nigeria to Dubai

Now, in the case of taking a flight, there are two main options you can choose.


Fly to Dubai


There are two airlines that offer flights to Dubai from Nigeria, Gulf Air and Dana Air. The Gulf Air route is about a 7-hour flight while the Dana Air route takes a little over 6 hours. Both are excellent, clean airplanes with lots of leg room and even free satellite TV with about 24 channels. The flights are usually on the more expensive side, but if you know the right time to book, you can sometimes save up to 10% of the price. The landing time in Dubai can vary depending on which route you take. Generally, the Gulf Air flight takes less than 30 minutes while the Dana Air flight takes a little over an hour.


Airlines and their prices

There are two options when it comes to flying from Nigeria to Dubai. First of all, you can choose to fly through a Nigerian carrier, which has a few different airlines that serve the route.


For example, one is Air Peace, which operates flights that fly from Nigeria to Dubai three times a week. However, all flights on this route cost $500; however, if you book it online you can get $500 off. When you book online you can also choose to travel in the comfort of First Class or Business Class, as you please, at a cost of $1500 or $1800 respectively.


There's also Arik Air which is Nigeria's national airline. Their flights cost about $800 but the catch is that you have to fly out of Lagos and make your connecting flight in Abuja.


Driving the distance

One way of traveling to Dubai from Nigeria is by car. While it's much cheaper than air travel, you will need a good car because driving it will take a few hours, even if you're traveling at night. You can find cheap cars in Nigeria, but be careful of the mileage limit because even if you don't pay for the car's papers, you'll still be charged and it's possible to go over the limit and still drive them with no repercussions. Furthermore, the roads of Nigeria can be rather dangerous, so be very careful on the roads. The same applies to heavy traffic. While driving through the streets of Lagos is dangerous enough on its own, the same thing can happen even in Dubai. So be very careful and take all the precautions you can.


Other ways of getting from Nigeria to Dubai

As we previously stated, getting on a flight to Dubai might be very hard for you, so another way of getting there is to try and get there by air but without a Nigerian passport. The best way of doing that is to get yourself a ticket from Nigeria to Europe and then from there to Dubai. You can then fly there from Europe. There are flights from Nigeria to the UK, Iceland, Spain and a few other places, so if you're lucky enough to be on the right flight, you're going to make it to Dubai safely!


Another option is to find a person who can drive you over. It may not be as cheap as air travel, but it can be the most reliable option. You could try getting to Dubai by bus from Nigeria to Chad and from Chad to Nigeria, just so that you can get as much coverage as possible.



It goes without saying that it's good to learn a little bit of everything before embarking on any new journey, but if you do it right, your time in Dubai won't just be about being entertained but also about realising your dreams. You should feel confident and at ease while you're in Dubai because of the fact that there are other people who have been there and have returned to tell their story about the city. They'll be able to teach you a thing or two about getting a great deal in Dubai! Don't be scared, try something new because it'll be an adventure that you'll never forget.


Find out more information on http://www.flydubai.com/



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