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Fg gives completion date for apapa oshodi ojota oworonshoki road project

FG gives completion date for Apapa-Oshodi-Ojota-Oworonshoki road project

The Federal Government has given a course of events for the fruition of the Apapa-Oshodi-Ojota-Oworonsoki turnpike project. 

The public authority said the remaking/restoration of the turnpike which was introduced by President Muhammadu Buhari in November 2018, to determine the Apapa traffic gridlock, will be finished within 9 to 10 months. 

This revelation was made by the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, Mr. Olukayode Popoola, during a joint investigation with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) on Saturday, April 17, 2021. 

He guaranteed that segment one of the venture would be finished within 3 weeks and from there on opened for use. 

Popoola said that the restoration works, which had been partitioned into four segments to ease port clog and gridlock at the Apapa hub, have segment one which ranges from Liverpool Round through Creek Road to Beachland close to Sunrise and is around 10 km, while segment two is 8.4 km and ranges from Beachland to Cele Bus Stop. 

Preparation the press after the investigation that likewise had in participation the NPA Managing Director, Hadiza Usman, and the Hitech Construction Company, the subcontractor taking care of the undertaking for the benefit of the Dangote Group, Popoola said that ill-defined situations, for example, openness because of trucks encroaching on development zone and conflicts on the speed of development had been settled. 

What the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos is saying 

Popoola said that the examination allowed the NPA group the chance to see with their own eyes that the project work had been working dynamically. 

He said, "And this segment that we are in the finish of area one which we have finished. We will finish the excess part within the following three weeks, particularly the black-top work. 

So within three weeks, the extraordinary works will be finished, and afterward, part one will be made accessible to the drivers. 

We (FMW) additionally grumbled about the trucks that are invading the street while we are working. We have advised them (NPA) that we can't permit trucks to run onto the part where we are working since they will upset the project worker. 

So the trucks will presently be checked and controlled completely. Both the NPA security, the Nigerian Police, LASTMA, and afterward the worker for hire's delegate will shape cooperative energy to work out how they will be controlling the trucks that go into the port street from this time forward,'' Popoola said. 

He said the worker for hire is required to move to site to begin the development works on segment two of the undertaking dependent on understanding including that work areas three and four had arrived at a high-level stage, with more than 70% consummation came to in total. 

Popoola said that the whole venture would be finished and given over inside the following nine to 10 months, including segment two which had recently been granted. 

The NPA Managing Director said that arrangements were reached on courses of events for development works altogether not to disturb port tasks with goals that the worker for hire worked during the ends of the week and on open occasions to ease blockage. 

She said it was settled that a passage would be opened for truck development notwithstanding palliative deals for certain streets and another review in three weeks on segment one. 

The agreement was granted to AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd at the expense of N73bn under the Tax Credit Scheme of the Federal Government. 

What you should know 

It very well may be reviewed that the Federal Government had before in the year said that the primary period of the Apapa-Oshodi-Ojota-Oworonshoki project, which has confronted a few deferrals, would be conveyed in April 2021. 

The public authority said that segments one, three, and four of the venture which was granted to AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd at the expense of N73bn under the Tax Credit Scheme of the Federal Government, were practically prepared and would be finished in April. 

They had additionally said that part two of the undertaking which ranges from Beach Land transport stop territory to Cele Bus Stop which was as of late granted would likewise be finished in December 2021. 

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