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Expert hinges business growth on technology

Expert hinges business growth on technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stunner for some organizations carrying typical working together on getting strange.

Flip back to the lockdown time frame that saw numerous Nigerians resort to working together and telecommuting. Arrangements were marked; organizations and exchanges were done effectively without actual contact or even handshakes.

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The pandemic accompanied its disturbance, and now, the better approach for working together is through virtual business. It is savvy, gives space for more extraordinary inventiveness, and lessens office organization.

These were the considerations of the Chief Creative Officer, IOmedia.ng, Israel Obatunde, while talking on the requirement for organizations to scale up innovation in Lagos as of late.

Obatunde said: "Coronavirus has made us fully aware of seeing the truth in working together oddly. Our ordinary has gone too strange. Our unusual currently is savvier than the standard type.

"Also, to top everything, you can really work anyplace whenever and still convey ideal business results," he said. As indicated by him, as much as COVID-19 hit a few organizations hard, some others made more benefits even in the pandemic's warmth.

Locating the Electric vehicle pioneer organization's illustration, Obatunde said Tesla, amid the lockdown in July 2020, hit its sweet spot. The organization's deals, claimed by a wealthy person, Elon Musk, held up well, with development in China and other abroad business sectors counterbalancing the United States' misfortune.

As indicated by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria acquired 2.5 million endorsers during the lockdown in April 2020. Additionally, in Q2 2020, Internet clients hit 7.5 million, taking the absolute number of information clients in Nigeria to 143.3 million as of June 2020.

Telecos monetary reports showed development, albeit the numbers were said not to be noteworthy, contrasted with incomes from past quarters. Obatunde said despite this, the publicizing business took the lockdown in its step.

He referenced that his firm is one of the inventive organizations that hooked on to the advantages of working practices, which has given consistent freedoms to the business to work with experts with one of a kind ability to promote correspondence throughout the planet need to use innovation in publicizing.

"Publicizing organizations in Nigeria were among the principal enterprises to understand that you can telecommute or anyplace. This is because customers could get their expectations while individuals telecommuted. This was much quicker.

"This is the reason we need to respond to the call and make brands keep on seeing the changes in working with a virtual business and get efficiency with no misfortune," Obatunde added. His media centre runs essentially with a rich portfolio and the excitement to develop organizations from direct A toward B.


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