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EKEDC cautions against illicit association

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Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has cautioned its clients to shun unlawful association with try not to confront the full fury of the law.

The warning followed one Olanrewaju Adeleke's arraignment under the watchful eye of Sikiru Adigun Magistrate Court House, Ajegunle.

Adeleke was secured for unlawful reconnection of Power and Life Christian Mission, a congregation in Lagos' Amukoko territory.

The General Manager, Corporate Communications of EKEDC, Godwin Idemudia, advised clients to cease illicit association and report any instance of coercion or pay off from staff or outsider specialists using the organization's informant stage or any of its web-based media stages.

"We beg our clients to cover their bills on an ideal opportunity to maintain a strategic distance from the shame of detachment which may prompt being enticed to take part in unlawful association," Idemudia said.

In the meantime, one Stephen Akerele was summoned under the watchful eye of the Magistrate Court 3 arranged in the Epe zone of Lagos on a two-check charge for mimicking the Chairman, Board of Directors of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), Mr. Charles Momoh.


This was revealed in an articulation endorsed by Idemudia, who portrayed the go about as unlawful, inappropriate, and misleading.

He said, "The blamed set a call up with one of our staff responsible for a client's zone and professed to be the Chairman, Board of Directors of the organization and guided him to reconnect a detached client."

Idemudia emphasized the organization's obligation to guarantee that culprits of unlawful demonstrations are brought to book to fill in as a discouragement to other people. He encouraged clients and the whole open to avoid acts that could place them in contradiction of lawfulness.

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