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Credit bureaux evaluate Pointek clients for advances

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Piontek, Nigeria's retail location for innovation items, says it is working with the credit bureaux to decide clients' financial soundness that expects advances to purchase its items.

Its Business Manager, Jimoh Mustapha, said this at the uncovering of ex-Big Brother Nigeria housemate and radio character, Ozoemena 'Ozo' Chukwu, as its new brand representative, while clarifying how what a client can get to relies upon their FICO assessment.

"As far as we might be concerned, we have a lot of items and administrations we have been advertising. The new brand representative reverberates with the Pointeck brand. If you need to get a gadget and don't have as much as the value of the gadget, you can purchase and pay in portion. Yet, everything relies upon the clients' FICO assessment since we work with a credit agency, which does the clients' rating. And dependent on the rating, we decide how much the client can get to," he said.

The Managing Director, Emeka Oguchi, said under the brand representative organization's understanding, the unscripted tv star would feature Pointek's broad rundown of believed quality telephone brands and adornments while driving its standing as perhaps the most solid purchaser electronic chains in the country.

"Aside from our escalated center around giving purchaser fulfillment, advancement in help conveyance stays fundamental for the Pointek brand," he said, adding that the organization "has reliably put resources into supporting networks, including through preparing and occupation creation."

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