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Continental reinsurance plc positioned to deliver value post covid recovery of african nations

Continental Reinsurance Plc positioned to deliver value post-Covid recovery of African nations


About 35 years after it was established in Lagos, Nigeria, driving private skillet African reinsurer, Continental Reinsurance today declares it is "conveying and is situated to convey long haul worth to investors and a wide gathering of partners across Africa". 


As per its Group Managing Director, Dr Femi Oyetunji, 2020 was quite possibly the most problematic years at any point experienced worldwide, following the Covid-19 pandemic. "We confronted overwhelming business conditions, yet our groups reacted with the venture and responsibility I have generally expected. We intensely adjusted to the business climate and accepted a scope of new freedoms." 


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The declaration concurs with distributing a free brand overview by Kantar that perceived Continental Re as a tenable container African organization. Led in six delegate showcases, the study shows that the organization surpasses the worldwide standing benchmark. 


"It was satisfying to get a general score of 79 focuses which is over the worldwide benchmark of 73. Presently, notwithstanding, we will probably continue to push higher", said Dr Femi Oyetunji. 


Not simply an advertising exercise, the examination is the consequence of a 360-degree evaluation of all business parts. Reputational gains can be credited to a fruitful "inside/out" believing that considers representatives the very establishment and beginning stage of reasonable business arranging. 


The present declaration was set apart by the launch of the organization's central command in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Talking during the disclosing service, Chief Ajibola Ogunshola, Chairman, Continental Reinsurance Plc, said, "The new central command is an achievement in Continental Re's aggressive long haul plans. It is an actual sign that positions the organization at the core of Africa's biggest economy. Both the brand study and the disclosing of the new central command agree with the up and coming retirement of Dr Femi Oyetunji, Group Managing Director, who has given long term groundbreaking authority to Continental Re. Dr Oyetunji resigns on 31 March 2021. He leaves a solid tradition of critical commitments that will live on in the organization for a long time to come. 


"His key accomplishments incorporate handling a forceful methodology to situate the organization as a skillet African brand with a solid presence across six key topographical areas; under his administration, income developed fivefold, benefit triple, and efficiency dramatically increased, alongside the change of the organization's way of life, cycles, and norms. He has cooperatively driven the formation of an empowering climate for thought authority and sound corporate administration plan in the business on the African landmass." 


Remarking on his retirement, Dr Oyetunji said, "We're giving the administration to the future. They will be confronted with new and some of the time phenomenal difficulties yet in their stewardship is an organization that has a rich heritage. Our archetypes and ourselves have made a solid establishment; I am certain that my replacement will raise the organization to grand statures." 


"It is emblematic that the kickoff of the new base camp concurs with the death of the stick."

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