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CIBN, NIBSS unveil scheme to upskill e-payment professionals

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The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), as a team with Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS), has disclosed an expert affirmation program on electronic installment to develop abilities in existing and arising patterns. 


The three-level program targets experts, understudies keen on e-installment professions, and others with a longing for information in the diverse creative regions of internet banking. 


The confirmation, which will be substantial for a very long time, is available to workers of monetary foundations and understudies of 65 colleges subsidiary with CIBN. Enlistment center/Chief Executive of the CIBN, Mr. Seye Awojobi, said courses of action would be made to empower understudy members to take their assessments flawlessly. 


Awojobi, who talked at a crossbreed occasion to reveal the establishment, said the confirmation would extend online installment, set industry standards for experts, and improve a safe online installment biological system. 


He said the preparation would zero in on "abilities needed for the current real factors, arising patterns and worldwide accepted procedures." He depicted the activity as a "mediation" to address the undeniable ability holes quickly developing brilliant installment. 


As indicated by him, the certificate would additionally fortify the country's e-installment, which is among the quickest developing on the planet. He recorded the three levels as Certified e-Payment Associate (CePA), Certified e-Payment Professional (CePP), and Certified e-Payment Specialist (CePS). 

chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria

Awojobi additionally noticed that to keep up its certifications; the e-installment specialist should acquire some recertification credits over the three years. He noticed that limit building has become critical given the developing ubiquity of online exchanges since the COVID-19 flare-up. 


The Managing Director of the NIBSS, Premier Oiwoh, said the affirmation was acquainted with systematizing the Nigeria e-installments knowledgebase just as decide the information and work experience measures needed to perceive specialists as fledglings, halfway and progressed. He noticed that it would make a development guide for juvenile e-installment laborers, including the jobless who want to make a profession in an advancing field inside the arising financial innovation industry. 


Oiwoh said the Nigerian monetary administration industry has made some fantastic progress and is presently driving the speed worldwide and setting achievements. 


"This expert accreditation program would, in no uncertainty, advance as an expert practice in setting the standards for e-installment mastery in e-installments and monetary innovation calling," he said.

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