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Boi to tackle youth unemployment with tech hubs

BoI to tackle youth unemployment with tech hubs

Stressed over the undeniable degree of youth joblessness right now assessed at 33.3 percent, the Bank of Industry (BoI) has declared designs to set up tech centers to address the test. 

The bank expressed it would support tech centers in acknowledging the gifted adolescents in colleges and channel young people to more beneficial and practical activities as opposed to social indecencies. 

The Managing Director, BOI, Olukayode Pitan, expressed this at the BOI-Unilag Incubation and Co-working Hub opening and charging in the University of Lagos. 

The BoI manager expressed staying focused on giving financing to help tenable and bankable thoughts that arise out of the tech center points to empower them to begin tasks and scale into reasonable organizations. 

He said accepting innovation and injecting it into business cycles will make associations and the country more aggressive, adding that the tech business can be a significant mainstay of an expanding economy. 

"It can make energizing positions that urge our youngsters to remain in Nigeria even as they work and contend all around the world.

The Managing Director, BOI, Olukayode Pitan 

"BoI is glad to help this program since it lines up with our main goal to change Nigeria's mechanical area by giving monetary and business support benefits so new organizations will arise and existing ventures will flourish," he said. 

He noticed that the general goal is to guarantee that the Bank's corporate social duty (CSR) ventures produce better advantages for the nation, focusing on that a center point like the one divulged offers youngsters the chance to make natural riches. 

"Making spaces like these are filling a urgent hole in the tech and startup industry. Hackathons and different rivalries to recognize tech answers for social and business issues are conceived and created in such places," he said. 

He added that tech could help take care of a portion of Nigeria's social issues, especially youth joblessness, which the pandemic has exacerbated. 

Additionally talking, the Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, said the organization is pleased to help the foundation of the tech-centers. 

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