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Bitcoin gold

Bitcoin Market Analysis 30-10-2021

After a triumphant week for Bitcoin, it seems like the time has come for other alts to shine as bitcoin suffers from slight retracement falling below $60k.


The President of El Salvador is doing his part to make cryptocurrency more accessible and mainstream. He just announced that the Central Bank has now added 420 Bitcoin (valued at around $96K) into their reserves, bringing it up from an original 500 BTC total vault size! The new purchase was made on October 28th this year with 150 BC worth approximately 48k USD bought earlier in September before prices skyrocketed past 80 grand per coin - which means they've already earned back most if not all profits made off these purchases originally due largely due factors like high demand during selloffs when people want out fast but can't afford big losses anymore either way.

The crypto market has completely recovered from the impact of China's recent bitcoin restrictions. Bitcoin hit an all-time high this month following approval for ETFs in December, while network hash rates are also back at levels comparable to May before it became illegal within their borders too mine cryptocurrencies there. As you may recall, the network hash rate directly influences the security level of your Bitcoin wallet. This makes it harder for hackers to initiate a 51% attack and when combined with other factors like price fluctuations there are positive correlations between these two variables which many analysts have speculated about over time (but without any conclusive proof).


The world's most watched sporting event is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Super Bowl is one of the most renowned events in America, and for good reason: it tops ratings every single time! One company has found themselves at home with all eyes on them as they prepare to make an appearance during next years' match-up between New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles - Coin exchange Ftex secured sponsorship rights from several big players including Tom brady who gifted someone 700 footballs after he returned 600 touchdown throws back into field(and now we're talking ultra professional


The Securities and Exchange Commission has yet to approve any Bitcoin ETFs, but two recent applications have already been rejected. The first was a leveraged fund that would've invested in Bitcoins Futures while the other was an opposite style enabling bears with access buy futures contract designed specifically for shorting bitcoin prices when they go up too high so their value will decrease before expiration


The Bitcoin price dipped below $58,000 on Monday 27th October and then rebounded to reclaim that level within a day. It appears traders got over the euphoria from last week's all time high after these dips were inevitable in order to flush out over-leveraged longs as they come back down again due an economic correction or two (or more).


As Bitcoin's popularity wanes, different cryptocurrencies are taking the chance to make names for themselves. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been one such success story as it briefly overtook Dogecoin last month and now sits at 9th place among all other crypto coins in terms of market capitalization with an increase over 700%. Jonathan Cheesman believes that retail traders were attracted by its low price which made SHIBO a mining opportunity worth exploring if you're looking into getting your foot wet before investing serious money."


The recent dip seems to have been a much-needed salve for the market. According to data statistics site Bybt, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' futures funding has now dropped back down into neutral levels making it easier for traders who want more exposure without having their funds tied up in costly fees or waiting weeks before they can trade again if need be when going long

Cosmos has risen by 20% this week alone!


Bitcoin is trading at a no-man’s land. While the cryptocurrency managed to reclaim $61,000 in spectacular fashion last month—it still needs another push up from here before continuing on its upward path towards $70K by end of 2021.


The range between 5900 - 6000 which is heavy resistance seems like too much for now but with everything happening within this market maybe there'll be something new after all these weeks.


The BTC TradingView indicators (on the 1 day) are indicating Bitcoin as a buy overall. Moving averages recommend that traders hold their positions, while oscillators lean towards neutrality for now according to data from last week's trading sessions.


If you're still waiting for the Bitcoin bubble to pop, it might be time to invest in some altcoins. Right now is not a good time as markets are volatile and prices can swing wildly depending on what happens during Friday's trading session (and more specifically 1m candles). It would be best if traders maintained their calm even though there will always exist buyers who take advantage when panic sets-in; however sometimes these eager people end up getting stopped out by big price fluctuations which happen often lately.


Facebook is getting more ambitious, with plans to change its corporate name. Meta represents the company's growing ambition and focus on "the metaverse," which can only mean good things for blockchain projects like Decentraland or Somnium Space--to name just two out of many in this new area that are sure show great promise!


The Helicon NFT is a comprehensive DeFi + NFT + GameFi ecosystem that combines the world's best e-sports with an innovative new financial system. It has partnerships from top studios like Super Squad Games and BattleFY, as well as an ambitious roadmap for 2022 which should make it one of your projects to watch!



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