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AU committee respects Gulf Treasures chief, looks for organization on Africa challenges

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The African Union (AU) Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) has called for organizations among key partners to address frailty, neediness, lack of education, and other improvement challenges sabotaging the territorial economy. 


It settled on the decision at the debut function of a two-day partners' consultative gathering on 'Upgrading Efficiency, Growth and Sustainability towards Implementation of African Union Vision in Nigeria held in Abuja. 


At the discussion held in a joint effort with the Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government, ECOSOCC likewise regarded the Managing Director of Gulf Treasures Limited/Danco Investment and author of Anamero Idofe Anamero Foundation, Anamero Dekeri, as the Role Model and Ambassador for the Implementation of African Union's Agenda 2063. 


The awardee focused on the requirement for more profound relations between the AU and the public governments to address the mainland's financial difficulties. 


Dekeri, who was perceived for his commitment to the advancement of the landmass through his philanthropic exercises, underscored the requirement for partners and government at all levels to work near tackle the difficulties confronting Africa. 


He communicated appreciation to both the Union and the public authority for the honor and guaranteed that his establishment would keep on paying its part to propel great aims across Africa and advance individuals' financial prosperity. 


"I profoundly appreciate this honor. It is an honor I won't ever underestimate. My establishment will keep on having its influence in propelling social equity," he said. 


The chamber also recorded clash, monetary difficulties, and absence of incorporation at all levels in the landmass as issues militating against the mainland's development. 


Talking at the gathering, the Nigerian Representative of the Permanent General Assembly of ECOSOCC, Dr. Tunji Asaolu, bemoaned that weakness and monetary difficulties have made the standard of living exceptionally hard for individuals of Africa, requiring mediation by AU. 

The African Union complex

"The gathering wouldn't have arrived in a preferable time over this considering the time we are in the present moment. I encourage you to be aware of the significance profoundly, just as the respectability of the reason has united us here. So a lot to manage, from the destruction of poverty, ignorance, underdevelopment, struggle, and absence of coordination at all levels in the landmass, which resembles a scourge that gauges like a malignant growth, continually sabotaging the advancement of our kin and the mainland," Asaolu focused. 


Likewise talking, the Director, International Organization Department, Office of the Secretary to the Federal Government, Victoria Agbo, guaranteed the partners that the public authority would work intimately with the local association to improve Nigerians' prosperity. 


"The part of the government in promoting the exercises of the AU is essentially to encourage. Following this, the public authority will keep on offering the necessary help, inside the constraint of its assets and mandate of warning bodies, to guarantee that we get the best out of our enrollment of the mainland body," she added.

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