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Ikoyi building collapse 1

At least five people are dead after a 21-story building in Nigeria's, Ikoyi, Lagos city collapsed, trapping dozens inside

A five-story building in Lagos, Nigeria has collapsed. At least four people are dead and many others remain trapped inside the rubble with rescue efforts ongoing through Tuesday morning as authorities investigate what caused this tragedy.

The area around Gerald Road was home to some of Africa's wealthiest citizens before it became an upmarket neighborhood for those who can afford million dollar lofts that go all the way into space; however construction equipment may have played a role here since they're seen working at sites like these back when there were 2 levels instead 20 floors

Search and rescue operations continue through the night as rains predicted to arrive by Tuesday morning cause concern for those still missing. The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) confirmed five deaths in their Facebook post on Monday, though they did not say how many people were currently unaccounted for or found alive during this time period.

Apata said the building has been under construction for two years and that developers have been meeting with prospective buyers earlier today.

Three people have been rescued from the collapse of a building in Lagos, according to officials on site. The reason for its sudden structural failure is still under investigation but it's possible that damage from nearby structures could be affecting stability.

Muhammad, a civil servant told CNN he was in his office next door when the high rise came down. "We just heard an unusual loud sound from our building and the building we're occupying was vibrating." He looked through one of many windows that line each floor before seeing concrete slabs stacked on top other as if someone had thrown them all into some sort or pile-high enough for him to observe what happened among those piles -a tragedy being played out right before him.

Afterwards at first light hours later rescue services arrived yet locals still have not given up hope; they were digging away patiently with only their own hands because no equipment could get here any faster than it already did.

In 2019, the collapse of two separate buildings in Lagos left dozens dead. In a matter-of-fact manner The Nigerian Red Cross were also there to help those victims recover from their losses and get back on track with life as quickly possible while investigating what caused these unfortunate accidents so that they may never happen again.




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