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Amber drinks to empower over 2000 nigerians

Amber drinks to empower over 2000 Nigerians

Golden Drinks Limited is set to proceed with the lady release of its strengthening program to enable more than 2000 individuals with the chance to become entrepreneurs and backing their business throughout the year.

The program, which was initially initiated a year ago, has helped over 1,000 Nigerians become entrepreneurs through the Start-up credits. The Start-up advances offer recipients up to N100 000 worth of items they will reimburse inside four months at a five percent loan fee. The passage will help recipients who are keen on beginning a limited-scale exchanging business selling Amber Energy Drink.

Following the debut Amber Empowerment Program's achievement, Amber Drinks Limited has declared that they will keep on making an ever-increasing number of Bosses out of youthful, driven, and centered Nigerians through this stage.

Since its dispatch in 2020, Amber Energy Drink has tried to make life simpler for Nigerians and improve its purchasers' way of life by guaranteeing they are monetarily autonomous.

Remarking on the continuation of the Amber Empowerment Program, the General Manager Amber Drinks Ltd, Lola Adedeji, said: "For the current year, because of the steady ascent in joblessness and the assaulting impact of the worldwide pandemic, we have considered it relevant to proceed with our strengthening program. With Amber in charge of assisting Nigerians with turning out to be entrepreneurs, we will keep on giving Nigerians the chance to possess and develop their organizations through our strengthening program."

To join the Amber Drinks Empowerment Program, intrigued people should apply on the web, sign onto www.amberenergydrink.com/strengthening and finish the prompts, or contact the strengthening group through phone on (+234) 0811 700 0847. Effective candidates would be welcomed for an onboarding meeting to help launch them into turning out to be Ambassadors.

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