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Nigerias super rich

A Day in the Life of a Nigerian Billionaire: The Lifestyle of Nigeria's Super-Rich

A Day in the Life of a Nigerian Billionaire: The Lifestyle of Nigeria's Super-Rich

A Nigerian billionaire's life is like nothing you could ever imagine. They are the crème de la crème of Nigeria. Their lives are full of glamor, luxury and lavishness that you can never even dream about. The lifestyle of a Nigerian billionaire is not only enviable but also inspiring to many Nigerians across the country who want to make it big in their chosen field one day. This article will take you on a journey into the world of an average Nigeria billionaire; what they do for fun, where they go shopping, how they live and more importantly how much money these billionaires have made from their investments over time.


Section 1: The Average Nigerian Billionaire

The average Nigerian billionaire has made it possible for you to live life the way you want it to be. You have probably followed their stories for a while now and their lives and lifestyles are as relatable as anyone else's.


Let's take a quick walk through their life and see how it compares to yours, just to get a sense of how your life could be like if you invest the time and effort into making it to the top.


Can you live a billionaire's life?


You probably can if you work hard enough to get there. Here are some average Nigerian billionaires' life hacks to get you started


1. Avoid fatty foods.


Remember the time you had chai and ogiri? Well, you should put that cup of tea down and move onto brown bread and kelewele.


A Day in the Life of a Nigerian Billionaire

Every weekday is hectic for the billionaire businessman. They wake up at an ungodly hour of 7:30 am, bathe and then start the day.


After breakfast, they take care of their businesses. Most of them either have their own businesses or manage others and get paid a huge sum of money every month.


They meet with other billionaire businessmen for regular business meetings and discussions at the King's Chamber of the Lugard House. This is a massive meeting hall in the heart of Lagos Island that boasts of meeting-sized conference rooms.


Often, they go out for dinner at exclusive restaurants, they also go to fashion boutiques for shopping. Their main goal is to make money and take care of their families.


How Nigerians React to the Super-Rich

Well, there have been a few very vocal Nigerians who have been insulted by those of them who are entitled to even more wealth than the billionaires in question and are carrying their loads of privilege. A millionaire who runs a taxi company and insists on driving his own vehicle, the same one which he is supposed to sell every morning to fund his taxi company, he owns multiple properties across the country, so a Lagos based Lagos based millionaire will refuse to board a bus driven by another Lagos based Lagos based millionaire because it is beneath his station.


A couple of Nigerians who were poor and homeless have once said to me that the wealthiest people on earth are the most selfish people on earth.


What You Need to Know if You Want to Become a Nigerian Billionaire

Many of you may have heard of Nigeria billionaires and their reported million dollar cars, houses and private jets, but now you will get to know what it takes to become one of them.


Not that this kind of thing is easy to do, but being born into the billionaire class comes with some benefits that are worth it in the long run. Here is a list of things to know if you want to become a billionaire one day.


1. Do the Right Thing, Be Smart, Save


The billionaire class is the very top of the pyramid in Nigeria; people who can make and lose billions quickly. Therefore, the billionaire class is predominantly male and from the poor background. Because of this, the billionaire class tends to be very smart.



It is no news that Nigerian billionaires have made Nigeria proud in the international community. With how the country is rated today, you could say that it has come a long way. From the corrupt former president Goodluck Jonathan to the current president Muhammadu Buhari, both have shown that the country's president has what it takes to take the country to the level that we all desire. The president also deserves a lot of credit for the massive projects like the proposed $30 billion rail network which is going to connect the three geopolitical zones of the country and the Lagos to Ibadan expressway, which has already been awarded. With the present state of the country, it is very safe to say that the country is on the path to greatness.



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