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We believe everyone using refrigeration system depends on a working Refrigeration Unit and keeping it well maintained to protects your investment and keep your business going is our main priority at AG Alexade Integrated Service. A refrigeration system that is malfunctioning can result in increased energy consumption, expensive repairs, loss of products, safety risks, and disappointed customers of which we are here to make you avoid those loss.we provide a scope for all your cooling repairs, installation services needs from small residential to major industrial scale projects. As an accredited firm, we provide best quotes around Nigeria with quality engineering and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Everyone needs to have a reliable air conditioning contractor in case of emergencies. Air conditioning units have become one of the most important equipment in our homes and offices. Without regular maintenance and repair your unit can easily malfunction and break. Even if you have never experienced such problems, the need for a good HVAC contractor will arise sooner or later.


We maintain all kinds of Refrigeration system at AG Alexade Integrated Service to improve the work of your cooling system for long lasting use of your Refrigeration Unit

We repair all kind of Refrigeration system to enable your cooling system work perfectly and save you from a great loss of products and disappointed customers.

We Install Commercial and Residential Refrigeration system in any part of Nigeria and we can also move your Refrigetion Unit from your previous location to your new location.

We supply complete systems for your new home or business and we can also guide you in the process of choosing a new air conditioning system that is right for you and your home or business.

If you are looking for a refrigeration contractor in Nigeria to take care of all your cooling system, do not hesitate to contact us.


Chill and Freeze all you want


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