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Passport Application & Renewal: 3 Steps to Getting Your Passport In Nigeria

Passport Application & Renewal: 3 Steps to Getting Your Passport In Nigeria

Getting a passport used to be a big deal. It was something that people would spend months organizing and researching before getting, but not anymore. Getting a passport in Nigeria is no longer an uphill task. You can get your Nigerian passport in a matter of days if you know exactly what documents you’ll need and the process involved. There is nothing more important than having your own identity documents. A passport proves that you are who you say you are by providing identification and citizenship information about you. Having your own identity documents means being able to apply for jobs, open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, travel and so much more. A strong identity document also helps prevent identity theft and fraud as well as help law enforcement identify criminal suspects if necessary.


How to Get a Passport in Nigeria

There are a number of steps to getting your passport in Nigeria. The first thing that you’ll need to do is decide whether or not you want to get a regular or diplomatic passport. A regular Nigerian passport permits you to travel to any country in the world while a diplomatic passport will allow you to travel to all countries except Israel. If you want to travel to Israel, you will need to get a regular Nigerian passport. A regular passport costs N40,000 while the diplomatic passport costs N150,000. The regular Nigerian passport will take longer to process than a diplomatic passport. If you are in a rush to get your passport and don’t want to wait the standard three weeks, you will want to get the diplomatic passport.


Step 1: What Documents do you Need to Apply for a Passport in Nigeria?

If you are applying for a regular Nigerian passport, you’ll need to submit the following: - Application form: You can get this form from any Nigerian embassy or consulate office. - Photographs: You will need two identical photographs of you taken against a plain background. Photos must be in colour. You cannot use passport photographs for your application. - Original National Identification Card: You must submit the card that proves your Nigerian citizenship. - Police Clearance: You must show evidence that you have no criminal record. - Medical Report: You must have a medical report from a certified medical centre. - Signature: You must sign the application form.


Step 2: Where to get the required Documents?

You can obtain the required documents at the Nigerian Immigration Service office in your state. You can also visit any Nigerian embassy or consulate office to collect the required documents. You can also find the forms online and submit the documents online. There are even passport application centres in major cities where you can go in person or send someone to submit the documents on your behalf. If you are applying for a diplomatic passport, there are some additional documents that you will need. - Additional Information Form: You must complete this form and submit it along with your application. - Consent Form: You must have one person from the government or the private sector sign this form. Anyone from the Chief of Defence Staff, the National Security Adviser or the Secretary of the National Security Council can sign this form. - Statement of Motivation for Diplomatic Passport: You must give a reason why you need the diplomatic passport.


Step 3: Final Words

If you have decided that you need a passport, then you have to remember that it does not come cheap. If you are planning to get a new passport, you will have to send your current one to the Nigerian Immigration Service office where you will have to fill out the application form and pay the fees and if you want to renew your old passport, you will have to send a letter to the nearest passport office, attach your current passport and a copy of your identification card. Traveling abroad is very important in our lives, and you may be required to have a passport, so you should know how to get a Nigerian passport.



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