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JUMP AFRICA: The Business Directory for Senegal

JUMP AFRICA: The Business Directory for Senegal

Senegal is one of the most dynamic economies in Africa. It has an excellent trade relationship with the rest of the world and offers access to natural resources, low operating costs and a well-educated workforce. If you want to go into business in Senegal, or are thinking of expanding your current operations there, JUMP AFRICA is the perfect resource for you. This directory contains detailed profiles of over 600 businesses operating in Senegal, as well as key contacts at leading international companies with operations there. It also includes information on investing in Senegal, and useful tips on transferring staff and assets into the country – all essential reading if you’re looking to set up a business there.


Who is this directory for?

This directory is aimed at executives from international companies who want to expand their operations into Senegal. It’s also useful for anyone who wants to start a business in Senegal or move an existing operation to the country. If you’re an expat who wants to relocate to Senegal, this directory will help you find the best schools for your children, the best hospitals in case you or a family member falls ill, and the best places to buy groceries and other daily items. Finally, if you’re a Senegalese citizen looking to start a business in your home country, this directory will help you identify potential partners and suppliers, and gain insight into the business environment in Senegal.


Who to contact and why

The companies featured in this directory have all been selected because they have a track record in Senegal and are leaders in their field. These businesses have been contacted directly and given the opportunity to share their experiences of doing business in Senegal and other general insights about the operating environment there. The companies featured in this directory were chosen for their knowledge and expertise in the following sectors: agriculture and agribusiness, energy and natural resources, infrastructure and construction, information and communication technologies, and health and wellness.


Senegal’s import/export market

As Senegal’s economy continues to grow, so does its appetite for foreign goods and services. The country is one of the most open in the region and gets the vast majority of its imports from the rest of the world. The most important sectors in Senegal’s economy are: - Agriculture: The country’s strong agricultural sector provides a large portion of the country’s GDP. Senegal is a large exporter of cashews, peanuts, fish and groundnuts. - Energy and natural resources: The country has significant hydrocarbon and mineral deposits, including gold, uranium and iron ore. - Infrastructure and construction: The government is investing heavily in infrastructure projects to boost economic growth and create jobs. - Information and communication technologies: Senegal has a growing internet sector, with about 25% of the population online. - Health and wellness: The country is seeing a rise in demand for healthcare services, including medical tourism from West African countries.


The Senegalese workforce

Senegal’s workforce is among the most educated in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 43% of the population has a secondary education or higher and is thus well suited for the modern economy. The country has a strong focus on vocational training and has partnered with a number of large international companies to train youth and adults in skills they need to work in the country. Senegalese workers are known for their diligence, creativity and flexibility. They are also on average very young, with many workers in the 30-40 age group. This is a major advantage in the labour market, as younger people tend to have more modern ideas about work culture and practices.


Key benefits for international business

Some of the key benefits to doing business in Senegal are: - Availability of a well-educated, English-speaking workforce. - A strategic location on the coast of West Africa and close proximity to the rest of Africa and the Middle East. - A growing economy, with annual GDP growth in the 4%-5% range and a young, dynamic population. - Low labour and other costs: The country is a tax-free zone and has a favourable regulatory environment. - All-year access to the Atlantic Ocean. Senegal is a major port for trade and commerce in the region. - Well-developed infrastructure, including road, rail, air and seaport facilities.


Bottom line

If you’re looking to set up a business in Senegal, or expand your current operations there, this directory is an excellent first step. It will provide you with direct access to experts and decision-makers at leading businesses with operations in Senegal. This directory will help you identify potential partners and suppliers in Senegal, and give you an insider’s perspective on how to do business in the country.



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