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How to Make Money as a Wigmore Trading Distributor in Nigeria.

How to Make Money as a Wigmore Trading Distributor in Nigeria.

Wigmore Trading is a company that manufactures and retails a variety of products in Nigeria. They specialize in manufacturing, marketing and selling products that are not readily available in the Nigerian market. The products include: food, beverages, household goods, electrical appliances, electronics, building materials, hardware supplies and personal care products.

If you have a business mind and you want to start earning income from Wigmore Trading Distributors jobs in Nigeria, this article will help you in your journey. Read on to find out how to become a distributor for wigmore trading in Nigeria.

Apply to become a Distributor for Wigmore Trading

What is a Distributor?

A distributor is a person who has been appointed by a company to go out and sell its products to customers.

In the case of wigmore trading, they appoint distributors in Nigeria to sell their products in their region of operation.

The distributor will be paid for each product they sell and for company-defined goals they achieved. Distributors can also become independent sellers for Wigmore Trading if they have the required capital.


How to Become a Wigmore Trading Distributor in Nigeria

In order to become a distributor for wigmore trading in Nigeria, you need to meet the following requirements:

- You should be interested in retailing the company's products.

- You must have a valid business license that covers activities of a wholesaler or retailer.

- You should have a good capital of at least N500,000.00.

- You must be able to support your own marketing and promotion expenses.

- Finally, you should be 18 years old and above.


What are the job requirements of a wigmore trading distributor?

Before you can start distributing products from wigmore trading, you need to have a business license. This is what allows you to operate your business.

You also need a certificate of incorporation to ensure that your business is incorporated. This will be useful in the future as it will enable you to take advantage of tax benefits and exemptions that come with incorporation.

In order to become a distributor for wigmore trading, you must also have a sales license from Nigeria's National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Don't worry, this process is really easy and straightforward! You can get your license by going through a simple application form.

If you want to become a distributor for wigmore trading, there are some other requirements too:

-A minimum capital investment of ₦10 million

-Computer literate

-A good record of integrity and honesty


Is it a business or career?

One of the first things you must know about wigmore trading is that it's a business and not a career. It's an opportunity for people who want to grow their budget and make extra income.

The goal of becoming a wigmore trading distributer is to become a part of the company's distribution network. You need to understand that this will be an economical venture and not just for fun.

You'll need to purchase wholesale goods from the company, sell them and then return profits back to the company after costs are deducted.

No matter what level you're at as a distributor, you can make money from wigmore trading Nigeria products. Whether you're buying products from the company or reselling your own, there are ways to make profit as long as your focus is on cutting costs and making sales!


Start-up costs and loan assistance for Wigmore Trading distributors

There are no official fees to becoming a distributor with wigmore trading distributors in Nigeria. You will need to make an initial investment of N300,000 for office premises and equipment.

Wigmore Trading Distributors offers loan assistance to all their distributors in Nigeria. They provide loans for start-up expenses, inventory and raw materials. The loans are paid back over 36 months at a minimum repayment rate of 20%.

The minimum required capital for starting up is N150,000. Wigmore Trading Distributors provides loans with no monthly interest at 0% interest rate. The funding is available via the company's building society account which has branches all over Lagos State.



If you are looking for a job or you are considering starting your own business, wigmore trading distributors are one of the best options. As a wigmore trading distributor, you will be working with the best hair products in the market. You will be part of a team that is always ready to help you succeed. Being a wigmore trading distributor is more than just a job, it’s about becoming part of a family that is always willing to give you the best.



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