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How To Make Money As A Freelancer In Kenya

How To Make Money As A Freelancer In Kenya


If you’re just starting out, freelancing can be a great way to make money while gaining experience. Many people think of freelancing as something that only artists and writers do. But there are many more opportunities out there if you know where to look. In this blog post, we give you an overview of the freelance industry in Kenya and why it’s important to get into it if you’re interested in doing so. If you have a skill or certification that is in demand, becoming a freelancer could be an opportunity for you to work from home and still make money. You don't necessarily need years of experience to become a freelancer — just some drive and common sense. With the right attitude and some research, you could even begin making money as a freelancer from day one. Keep reading for more advice on how to be successful as a freelancer in Kenya

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing refers to the practice of working for yourself rather than for a company on a full-time basis. Freelancers can be contractors, consultants, or even employees of companies that have chosen to outsource certain functions rather than keep them in-house. Freelancing is a very common thing, and it’s not just something that computer engineers do. Anyone with a skill set or certification can be a freelancer and work remotely. For example, many writers and editors work as freelancers, but there are also sales agents, HR specialists, tax consultants, financial analysts and more. It’s also worth noting that freelancing isn’t just something that people do on the side or as a hobby. In fact, it is one of the largest industries in the world, and it is only growing. There are even entire conferences, websites, and magazines that focus on the freelance lifestyle.


Why Should You Become A Freelancer?

Freelancing is a great way to make money, but there are many other benefits that come with it as well. Here are some reasons why you should become a freelancer: - You have more freedom. If you work as a freelancer, you get to work on your own schedule. If you want to take the weekend off, you can. And if you want to travel, there are no restrictions. - You’ll build a steady client base. When you work as a freelancer, you build a client base that depends on you. This means that you’ll always have a steady source of income. - You can set your own prices. With freelance work, you get to set your own prices. This means you can charge more for your services and make a lot more money.


How To Start Freelancing?

While many people think that the only way to start freelancing is to quit their job, that’s not necessarily the case. You can start freelancing on the side while still working a full-time job. There are a number of ways to get started with freelance work, including: Start a side gig: If you’re interested in freelancing as a way to make some extra money, you can start a side gig through websites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork. These sites provide opportunities for you to offer your services to other people while gaining experience as a freelancer in the process. Find an opportunity with your employer: Some companies outsource certain functions to independent contractors. This is why you often see sales and marketing positions that say things like “must be able to work remotely.” You can approach your employer and see if they have any opportunities that you could fill. Find a passion: There are also some passions out there for which there is freelance work. For example, there are writing gigs for health-related content, editing opportunities for podcasts, and even transcription services for podcasts and audiobooks.


Types of Jobs For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you have a wide range of options for the type of work you do. While you may specialize in one area, you might also find that you’re able to pick up different jobs as the need arises. These are some of the most common types of work that freelancers do: Writing: This includes copywriting, blogging, technical writing, and more. Graphics and design: This includes logo design, illustration, and web design. Editing: Editing is often a freelance job. You can edit books, articles, and other written pieces. Social media management: More and more companies are hiring freelancers to manage their social media accounts. Video and audio production: You can do voiceover work, create podcasts or other audio content, or even help produce videos. Administrative work: While this isn’t the most glamorous part of being a freelancer, administrative work can be very helpful for people just starting out.


Final Words

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming a freelancer. It’s a great way to make money, it’s flexible, and you get to pick and choose which jobs you take on. Freelancing is also a great way to build your professional network, get experience in a variety of different fields, and make some extra money on the side. So if you’re interested in making a career change, becoming a freelancer can be the way to go.



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